Thursday, September 18, 2008

I can't stand these...

Have you had to wrestle with these before? These types of nozzles at the Chevron stations frustrate me! Maybe I'm spoiled {nah that can't be it} but these are so much harder than the regular gas pump nozzles!

I'm used to just placing the nozzle in the gas tank, grab the lever and set the *hold* trigger, then I go sit in my car & listen to music & talk to the kids while I fill up the tank. BUT you can't do that with these stupid things! You have to SHOVE the nozzle in the gas tank, HOLD it there using your body weight behind it, then grab the lever & set the *hold* trigger & continue to HOLD it in there tight otherwise it stops at the slightest nudge! Oh and some stations don't have the *hold* trigger, so you have to HOLD the nozzle in your tank & HOLD the lever at the same time! UGH!!!!

Can you tell I had to get gas today? And I stopped at the WRONG station? YEP, I got to do all those horrible steps while Anson sat in the car sweating & wondering why I didn't come back to hang out with him. THEN I also got to pay $60 to fill the whole tank because I think I was running on fumes & HAD to fill up that instant!

I remember when lots of gas stations had these *black boots* installed on their pumps. I hated it back then too! But don't know what happened because many stations removed them. YAY!!! This is why I avoid Chevrons! And they're usually a few cents MORE per gallon too!

Oh and it took me 4-ever to find this stupid pic! I found another one but that site wanted like $50 just to snag the picture online! WHAT??? Oh well, finally found it so you would know what the heck I was talkin' about!

Ok I'm done with my rant! LOL


Crazymamaof6 said...

WOW! yeah i hate those too. no place was worse than AM PM when we were in Highschool. LAME.

Salsa Mama said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with those things! They are awful. I also try to avoid Chevron because they are always more pricey. Just be glad it only takes $60 to fill your tank! That sounds pretty good to me compared to my $90 to fill up. Ouch! :)

Anonymous said...

yeah...i KNOW!!!! THOSE drive me nuts, too!!!

one time i even got so frustrated I was squeezing that thing so hard and i wasn't paying attention {cuz i had been standing there for so dern long} and then i heard SPLASHING by my feet!!!

the NOZZLE didn't cut off or i was squeezing too hard that it kept FLOWING!!!!! all over the ground!!! $20 or $25 extra dollars worth of gas!!! not good!!!

the attendant had to come out & clean it all up with cat litter!!!

yeah....embarrassing & EXPENSIVE!

Diaper Diva said...

Yeah no love here. I am a Costco gas girl. Who wants to fight the dumd nozzle.

Allison Evans Brown said...

I KNNNNNOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!! I hate those things! I had to fill up a couple days ago and was thinking the same thing! I actually only got three quarters of a tank because I worried that I was going to overflow it because I didn't know when it was full! GRRRR.

Those things are NOT userfriendly. We need to sign a petition to have them removed.

Suzanne said...

You make me laugh!!! sorry if you don't find that funny but I can totally relate, that's why it's funny. I hate standing there holding the stupid thing, I look like a moron standing outside my car holding the nozzel in place and trying to dance around and make faces at Katherine so she won't get upset roasting in the car all by herself.

tammy said...

I hate them too!! The first time I saw one was when my sister, mom and I were on a girls' trip to CA years and years ago. None of us could figure out how to work it. We had to drive around trying to find a gas station that didn't have one, and then we ended up asking for help. Yes, we were helpless women from UT.

Katrina said...


It's been so fun to read your blog & catch up on your family. Your kids are so big now (& so cute!).

-Katrina Webb

Pamela said...

That's ok, you rant all you want LOL!! You don't want to be around my son on pay day and he has to fill up the tank on his pick up. Not a pretty site ROTF!!

Your blog looks awesome Andrea!! I like the new look.

I've left a little something for you on my blog under this post:

You have a great day!!