Friday, September 12, 2008

Crazy Fun Week

I didn't realize I hadn't posted since Sunday evening! WOW!

Here's the week recap:

Monday was pretty good. Felicia planned our whole Family Home Evening (FHE) for that night. She wanted to talk about Baptism and the Sacrament. I helped her only a tiny bit because she wanted pictures to go with her lesson, so I got them out for her. She did GREAT! We all discusssed her lesson & she asked questions & we played a little game! She's a really good teacher/leader! She also planned a little time for Ashley to show off some of her most recent art! Ashley was so excited to do that!

Tuesday my back was FINALLY feeling better! I went to the gym with Alicia & worked our butts off! Oh and Ben actually joined us to check out the class we were doing. He's not a big fan of the classes, but tried it for me. He agreed that it was a good workout, but he probably won't do it again. After the gym, I was off to Barro's for lunch with Anson & friends. He enjoys going there.

Oh oh - and I have exciting news - my SIL Heather (and her son Trevor) moved back! So Ben went to the airport to pick them up & spent most of the day at his Mom's house with his sisters.

Dinner time was super funny! We were ALL laughing hysterically at the table, Ben was even spitting out food from laughing so hard! HAHAHA We were talking about *cooties* and remembering what kids we thought had them when we were in grade school. It was the worst when we had to do square dancing in P.E. and I did NOT want certain boys to even touch my hands! Eeeewww! Part of it was to tell Nathaniel not to be gross at school cuz then the girls won't like him! LOL Ben told me that he was probably one of the gross kids & I wouldn't have liked him if I had known him when we were younger!

That night Ben and I also got to meet Ashley's new teacher. The classes were pretty big so they just hired a 4th teacher and Ashley got moved to the new class this week. She was actually pretty excited about it. Her new teacher seems really motivated & has some great ideas for the kids. We also talked to the teacher she had been with this last month. She was sad to lose Ashley & she said she was doing GREAT! Then we got to have a little key lime cheesecake for dessert! It was delicious!!

Wednesday we went to the gym again and Ben tried the different class with us again. He liked it but again probably won't go again, he'd rather do his own workout. I'm just glad that he checked it out with me. It was fun having him there too. And boy was I sore after 2 days of full body workouts. That's what I get for layin' around all last week because of my stupid back spasm!

Nathaniel & Felicia have had several orchestra classes now and are still happy to be trying it out.

Umm I think this was the night of the 15 minute burst of rain. It was pretty cool. I went to see my Dad to pick up some more fresh peaches & Nathaniel called to let me know that it had rained about 10 inches (in case I didn't know). HAHAHA Ok, Arizona maybe gets 10 inches in one year! LOL He's too cute!

Thursday (which is still Today for me even though I'm typing this really late at night) was fun! I got to spend lots of time reading books with Anson. He brought me a stack of little Nemo books (ok these are Phonics books and consist of maybe 4-5 pages with one or two sentences on each page - they're for beginner readers). There are 13 in the set, but I think one was missing. He is a HUGE Nemo fan so he just loved these. He hasn't let me read very many stories to him. He likes to look by himself. So this was kind of exciting. I didn't make it to the gym because we were having a sweet *moment* even though it lasted almost 2 hours. He wanted me to keep reading & keep reading another then another then another! HAHAHA I LOVE spending time with him while the kids are at school. I have to take what I can get because he'll start school next year.

Friday is BUNKO!!! Need I say more?! LOL

Allright this turned into a novel. Gotta get to bed, so I can get some work done tomorrow. My house is trashed but I had a GOOD day with Anson (and Nathaniel, Felicia & Ashley once they got home from school)! YAY for happy good days!!!


Suzanne said...

I am impressed with your daughter, that is so cool that she did a FHE by herself.
I wish I was motivated enough to go the gym, I just don't like working out around other people.
I am excited too for Bunko, Can't wait!!!!!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...


great week! fun to see ya at lunch, and at pie night.

whoohoo for Felica making the effort on her own. she is awesome.

and love the cootie chat. i had a drive with Peyton that turned into a discussion about flirting.
i should have the not being gross at school chat with him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Friday night with the girls and for Bunko! Tell them all I said hi from a far!

Way to go with the gym, you rock!