Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Discoveries & Fun Times

Oh my gosh! Have you seen this show on the Discovery channel?

I saw my first two episodes yesterday! {this was the only pic I could find - the dvd set but I watched on tv} I was totally glued & freaked out a little! Chilling goosebumps constantly on my legs! These shows are re-enactments of 'real' haunting/ghost stories but names are usually changed. WILD & interesting!

Ok, the only reason I even found this show was because the tv was still on the same channel from Sunday evening. Ben and I (and a kid or two) watched several episodes all about Dinosaurs. Not just any show though, it was all about the creatures who roamed the earth before dinosaurs and the evolution that led up to dinosaurs. It was so interesting & cool! It wasn't all boring talk it was computer generated dinosaurs & what the earth probably looked like WAY back then! We also watched Secrets of a Dinosaur Mummy, which was totally AWESOME! Some paleontologists found dinosaur remains {they named him Leonardo} that were fossilized & mummified in the Badlands in Montana! They theorized that the dinosaur died & fell into water, then was immediately entombed in mud {mummified} then when the water dried up it fossilized. SO COOL!! They went thru great lengths to get x-rays & gamma-rays & even special time at NASA to use their equipment. They were able to see the dinosaur's organs & whole digestive tract & scales on their skin, etc. It was really incredible!

Ok 'nuff of interesting discoveries! LOL

Yesterday Ben & Anson went swimming. I was tired from *power yoga* & didn't feel like it. So I watched them {from inside the house}. They were so cute playing together! Then one of the times I went outside, they were both chillin' on their own rafts! TOO CUTE! Sad I didn't get a pic of them!

Nathaniel was in charge of Family Home Evening (FHE) last night. However, we started finding fun songs online and the kids migrated quickly to the computer room for singing & dancing! So, we considered that our family time! haha Suddenly it was bedtime. We told him he could do the lesson another day this week. He was ok with that.

Today went to lunch at Barro's. Ben came with me and turned out that Alicia's hubby & Julie's hubby both came too. It was like a 'couples lunch'! It was so much FUN!! We should do it again! Thanks for the great time ladies & hubbies!!

I'm excited because tonight, I'm going with some friends to see the movie The Women. It's full of wonderful actresses & looks funny!

I'll let you know what I think. Have you seen it?


lindsey said...

i love a haunting!! careful they are addicting ;)

see ya tonight

SuperCoolMom said...

Discovery channel is the best! Sounds Like a fun Lunch! Can't wait to hear more about that movie. I must be out of the loop, I haven't even heard of it

Pamela's Charms said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Andrea. We are home, safe and happy happy to be there. My daughter and I looove A Haunting too!!! The big ole boys get to freaked out to watch it LOL!!! And how was that movie?? I can't wait to see it. My daughter and I just seen Mamma Mia. We had a blast!!! Take care now

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your movie night, can't wait to hear about it because so far I haven't heard anything.

Anonymous said...

wish i was there to join in on the Movie Night :)

i miss ya...and i think you are great Andrea.

your blog looks really cute :)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

A haunting totally freaks me out while I stuck there waiting for the end. I can't these at night though!
The dino! WAY cool where in the badlands of MT as that is where I reside, and HOW did I miss this?