Sunday, September 28, 2008

I've Been Tagged

by my Sister-in-Law, Merrianne!

I have the hardest time trying to think of weird/random things about myself {that I want to share}.

So, here goes...

1} I can't whistle very well. I think it's really cool when people can whistle actual tunes. My hubby can do it really good (makes me a little jealous)!

2} I really LOVE my new Swivel Sweeper! One of my neighbors has one and raved about it, so I found it online and got it! I hate sweeping so this makes my job so much easier (esp since most of our house has stained concrete floors - only carpet in the bedrooms)!!!

3} I usually only get my hair cut like once a year! I am secretly scared of going because I am having a hard time finding someone who will cut it the way I want it. I only had my hair exactly how I wanted a few times. Once was in Texas but it cost me like $80 (and that's because she also styled it without asking - but no washing - I always wash my own hair right before I go & arrive with wet hair) and it was AWESOME! Since I can't afford to spend that much, I can't seem to find someone who can do it how I like! How hard is it to cut straight across, then add a few long layers all around & taper a little in the front (and no bangs)?!!! If I could do it myself, I would. I checked and the last time I had my hair cut was 9/10/07! Think I'm due? YES!! Oh and each time I usually have 6-8 inches cut off because my hair grows so fast & it's too long by the time I have it cut!

4} Ok, Dad, if you're reading this, cover your eyes or skip this one!
Sorry to say, I pop my knuckles! Yes, I am the person behind you making that *snap, crackle & pop* noise! Actually ALL my joints pop! It's totally weird and I don't mean to do it, but they do! Yep, I'm probably going to have arthritis like my Dad warned me when I was younger! Ooops I should've listened to my Dad!

5} According to the dentist, I clench my jaw & grind my teeth. How can they tell? Well, your jaw is pretty strong and over time, I have chipped a few molars & worn them down because of clenching/grinding. They want me to wear a night guard, although, I catch myself clenching during the day. Ooops! I try not to, but somehow it feels good. Weird, I know!
6} I am totally addicted to Bath & Body Works antibacterial hand soaps! I love the scents (esp the new Enchanted Orchid)! I love the sales (5 for $15 or 7 for $20 ~ who can resist that?)! I have a cupboard full of them, yet I find myself wanting to get MORE. I also LOVE the Wallflowers (my house smells like Cinnamon & Clove Buds, except for the kids' bathroom that's Black Raspberry Vanilla)! And they have the new fall scents! Don't worry Ben, I've banned myself from that store for a while! LOL

7} My pregnancy with Anson was considered kind of high-risk. I found out with at the half-way mark ultrasound. They spent a long time looking at his heart. I wondered if everything was ok & you know the techs aren't allowed to tell you anything. My doctor told me that I had Single Umbilical Artery (SUA) which means that the cord only has ONE artery & ONE vein when it normally has TWO arteries & ONE vein. He said that the baby was fine for now and they had to watch him carefully. Apparently the baby can develop heart problems or low birth weight due to malnourishment. In the last trimester, at the end of every dr visit, I had to spend about 30 minutes taking the non-stress test. Basically I was hooked up to the baby monitor and had to count EVERY baby movement by clicking a button. Like clockwork, Anson was taking a nap during these tests, so I would have to spend extra time trying to massage my tummy or drinking orange juice (which gave me severe heartburn) trying to stimulate him. One time I even had to leave to eat lunch, then come back to see if he woke up! As soon as I would get in my car and drive home, BOOM! He'd wake up and do a HUGE somersault! Why couldn't they record THAT? I would stress a little about *what if* problems, but Ben gave me a blessing to calm me down. Anyway, he was born totally fine & his birth weight was normal. NO KNOWN PROBLEMS! YAY!!

Allright, so now you know some of my quirks, what are yours?

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charlie said...

aw thankyou lovely your quirky

tammy said...

Now I've been tagged twice so I guess I better do it!

I clench during the day, too, and grind at night, but can't wear a guard. I end up throwing it across the room. I've been wearing that Enchanted Orchid all summer. It's yummy! Connor has just started cracking his knuckles. He can do a weird thing with cracking his jaw or neck or something. It freaks me out. I told him to stop it.

Fun to learn new things about you! Oh and I have a really good hair person when you get brave enough.

Shanners said...

Andrea, I LOVE your blog, so I'm giving you an award! Thank you so much for all the wonderful kits, freebies and stories you post. You are so talented, and so kind to share your talent. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. :) You can see your award on my blog:
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Lindsey said...

my ben had the same problem as anson - again - everything ended up perfect, but they sure worried me a lot!


i am glad Anson is okeedokey! that was scary!


spencer can't really whistle good either. (must be something in the genes!) but I sure can...i can whistle like 5 different ways ---really good & loud, too! :) ... & he is jealous of that... but he can Wiggle his ears and I can't-- so i am jealous of that... so it is even ♥ haha! ♥

lindsey said...

it is so fun learning new things about you. thanks for all the comments (it made my night :)) scary about your pregnancy, glad everything worked out. grind too and i did have a guard but i lost it, my jaw actually gets stuck and sometimes i have to hit myself to move it, pretty awesome huh?


hey Andrea.... i added you to my blog list...i hope you don't mind :)

Tanja said...

These are great, I love reading and having more insight on everyone!

P.S. I had NO idea that Merrianne was your SIL!


oh my gosh...i see that you tagged your MOM! i can't WAIT to read hers!!!!! that will be awesome!!!

woooo hoooo!!!!

♥ ya Sista!

snowflake said...

Your funny I'm glad you like Natalie's baby, she's so cute.(The baby) And I'm totally counting down. HAHA

Jen said...

This was a fun one, thanks for taggin me! I pop my knuckles (and toes too!). And I too clench my jaw, only when I am stressed though, I shove my lower jaw out so it makes the tops of my bottom front teeth really hurt. I can't stand wearing the night guard though.

Pamela said...

Awww, thanks for tagging me. My gosh, I bet that was so scary with your pregnancy!!! I was CONSTANTY poking at my belly trying to get those babies to move. I hated it when they were still. That's ok, they payed me back by doing flip flops all night long LOL.