Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Muscle Spasm & Little HINT

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day yesterday! WE did! After my big bargain shopping spree, we swam with the kids, then got Ginger (our cat) a scratching post {she's scratching our box spring mattress on the corners}, and went to the grocery store. I let the kids get a little candy & some donuts, then used my raincheck to get some chicken to BBQ for dinner. We had decided to skip lunch (there had been lots of snacking all day) since it was getting late and go to the store, then have kind of an early dinner. Otherwise, no one would be hungry for dinner if we ate lunch at 3pm. While we were at the store, Ben says "whoever came up with that plan is LAME cuz I'm starving!" I reminded him it was HIS idea & I was starving too! LOL

Dinner was delicious - Ben is awesome with the grill! Then we watched this movie while the kids watched cartoons!
It was HILARIOUS!!! We loved it!

Ben & I were putting some clean laundry away just before we went to bed, and I was reaching for a hanger to put the last item away when OUCH!!! The muscles all across the middle of my back totally spasmed & I could hardly breathe or move! So I just stood there in the closet with my skirt in one hand trying to breathe. Ben was watching tv {which is just to the right of our closet} and didn't notice for a minute or two (of course being in pain it seemed longer). He finally jumped up & asked if I was ok. I told him what happened! I mean what did it look like I was doing - playing *freeze tag*?! haha He grabbed the skirt & hung it up for me while I tried to get to my bed. Being the super sweet hubby that he is, he massaged my back for at least an hour!

When I got up this morning my back was feeling ok but while I was brushing Ashley's hair it super-spasmed again! YIKES! Dang it hurts! It's OK right now but I can't move very quickly or do much. Ben had this same thing happen to him a couple weeks ago & I kinda teased him because he would make funny faces & noises during a spam! I know totally mean, but I can't always help it when something's funny! Now I know realize I shouldn't laugh when he's in pain cuz now I know how bad it feels! LOL

Just a reminder that my FIRST grab bag is ONLY $3 for this week only!

Since all I've been doing today is laying down or sitting, I worked on a layout to give you a little hint of what's in my bag!
And Luisa sent me this lovely layout using some of my grab bag
Isn't her daughter the cutest?!!

Have a good evening!!


Jen said...

Fun day minus the back spasming up on you! I hope you feel better soon. I know what you mean, I have a hard time not giggling at Jeff when I hear him and see the funny faces, but then I don't find it at all funny when it is me. Try some icy hot on your back or if it is the upper part of your back Excedrin Tension Headache really helped with my neck/shoulder blade area.

Diaper Diva said...

I am feeling for you. I hate back pain of any kind!! I am impressed with all the bargains found by you savy shoppers.I LOVE the LO's. I will be heading over to get that grab bag:)