Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cute Little Dancer & Grab Bag #1

Sometimes, Ben & I like to search the funny videos on youtube. Well, here's one that is funny & is one of the CUTEST little dancers I've seen!! {how old is this kid? he's so tiny!}


Now that you've had a little giggle & a smile on your face...

This is the week to check out DSO!
Lots of Grab Bags {Personal Use}
only $3

This is my FIRST grab bag & I have $10 of brand NEW product for you, sorry not spillin' the beans on what's in there! It's a SURPRISE!!! Doesn't everyone love a good surprise?!!!

I have seen what's inside all the bags & let me tell you...there is some AWESOME stuff in there!!!

You better hurry though, cuz this fabulous deal will only last for one week!!

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