Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mid-day Movie

Yesterday, Alicia, Sharlesa & I saw *Mamma Mia!*

My parents had seen the play & the movie & loved it. However, when I first saw the movie previews, I didn't really care if I saw it or not. I don't go to the movies too often, so I really pick & choose which ones I want to go out to see. Usually, we rent all the movies we want to watch.

I LOVED this movie, though! Yes, there was LOTS of singing, so if you don't like that, you probably won't like this movie. I love ABBA, so I already knew most of the songs & LOVE them! The whole cast was AMAZING & all had great singing voices!! Even Pierce Brosnan, who totally amazed me. I loved him in Remington Steele, but stopped oogling over him when I saw him take his shirt off in Mrs. Doubtfire! Ewwwww major hairy chest! hahaha Oh, I also LOVE Christine Baranski. She is a total crack up! Anyway, the movie was FABULOUS!!! {a couple inuendos that you may not want to explain to your kids, so don't take them}

Thanks girls for a wonderful day out without the munchkins! I had to hurry home when it was over because my visiting teachers were waiting for me. And a BIG thank you to my neighbor who does *drop-off babysitting*!!! We all took our kids to her house & they had a FUN time!


charlie said...

OMG..I love that movie..My eldest daughter and I had a bub free day at the movies, last school hols here(JUly)..we had a ball just her and me..hadnt been to the movies in ages..glad you had a good time!

charlie xxx

tammy said...

We don't make it to the movies very often either. We do a lot of pay per view. This is one I'm sure I'll have to rent or PPV.