Friday, August 8, 2008

The *Shiner*

It all started on Monday (Aug. 4th), we were having fun swimming at my parents' house & having a BBQ.
Nathaniel & Anson (relaxing in his new hippo floaty)
Ashley & Felicia swimming with the pool noodles
My Mom & Dad (and Anson's little feet)
Ben was *holding* the hippo floaty while Anson was swimming without any help
Even their dog Madison joined us
I think this one was taken after the *shiner* so it didn't stop Nathaniel from having fun
Ok, so here's what happened..
Everyone was playing and having fun, then somehow Nathaniel got right behind or under Ben, well Ben went to move quickly and Nathaniel's eye got the brunt of Ben's elbow during a big stroke to swim away. It all happened so fast, that I didn't even realize that he got hurt until he came out of the water crying. We all took a look at his face. Yikes! Instant bruising and swelling plus a little cut. Poor guy! He put ice on it for a while then went back in the pool.

Here's how it looked when we were done swimming
(Ben felt so bad even though it was an accident)

He also kept ice on it while we watched "Goonies" that evening at my parents' house.
(The kids hadn't seen that movie yet and liked it. Total blast from the past. It came out in 1985. It was cracking me up the whole time!)

Here's how his eye looked on Wed morning
I used a little makeup to make it not look so bad (still very swollen though)
Here he is today. Hardly any swelling and most of the bruising gone.
He's already had to tell a few people asking about his *shiner* and who won the bar brawl. ha ha

He says it doesn't hurt much as long as no one touches it.

Good thing we have a couple more days before school starts. Don't want him looking like *Rocky* on his first day of school. LOL

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SuperCoolMom said...

Such a bummer when an accident like that interferes with an otherwise perfect day. It looks like it should at least be faded to yellow and green by Monday :)