Friday, August 15, 2008

Great week

The kids had a FANTASTIC first day of school! They LOVE their teachers and are ecstatic for this new school year! Each day they come home SMILING :)

I have been uber productive too! YAY!!

Yesterday, my Mom came over and helped me tackle the girls' room! It has looked like several tornadoes hit it over & over again for the last several months! And you haven't been able to see carpet to even vacuum. But not anymore! We filled 2 huge trash bags, 1 bag of clothes & a small bag of baby toys (don't know why those were in their room). They still have 2 baskets of toys to go thru & pick out what they want to keep, the rest will be donated! I even vacuumed & their room is looking GOOD! They still have a few odds 'n ends to straighten up - like their desk & the tops of their dressers. Whew! Thanks MOM you're the BEST!!!

Oh and it gets better - my Mom is coming back today to help me sort out the boys' room too! They have mostly larger toys that don't fit anywhere, so we'll go thru & get rid of stuff they don't play with anymore (or broken) and sift thru their clothes too to donate anything that doesn't fit.

I'm so excited & it feels so good to get their rooms organized!

I didn't tell the girls we were going to work on their room and they were so HAPPY when they came home and saw the results!! Their big SMILES made it all worth the hard work!

{and tonight is BUNKO} WOOHOOO!!!


lindsey said...

yay!! for school and be productive!! i need to overhaul my boys room. i feel like i need to do that once a month tha accumulate so much crap!!

see you tonight ;)

The Graham Family said...

What a great Mom you have!!! I do the same thing when my kids aren't home, I fill up trash bags and sneak them out of the house before they notice, usually they don't but once in a while I hear "hey I can't find my toy" I don't say anything though.
Yay for Bunko, can't wait!!!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

WHOOHOO that is FABULOUS! lucky dog having your mom come overhaul with you!
that is the best. i need someone to keep me company and keep me on task! i bet the girls love it!
good luck today in the boys room! and WHOOHOO FOR BUNKO! i am so excited!

Crazymamaof6 said...

hey can you pick me up for bunko? so lance can take the Van?

tammy said...

I really love having them at school. Isn't it funny how much energy we all have with them gone? I love to feel productive. Yay for bunko tonight!