Friday, August 8, 2008

How It's Made

Have you ever watched THIS show? We watch it periodically, only when flipping channels & come across it.

Apparently, no matter what they're showing being made, Ben & I canNOT look away!

In the last couple of days, we've learned how these things are made:
glass/acrylic eyes
{and that totally doesn't look like a round marble like in the movies - it made my eye twitch when they had to put plaster in the eye socket to make a mold and then when they inserted the finished artificial eye}
wooden brushes/brooms
wooden & aluminum blinds
dog/cat food
candles - various sizes
wooden-spoked wheel for a horse-drawn carriage
neon lights

Ok, I'm forgetting some things (so Ben if you're reading this, please remind me what else we've seen).

We are glued to the tv like little kids watching cartoons! ha ha So, if one of us has to get up, like go to the bathroom, during the episode, we will *pause* it to wait for each other! (thank goodness for the DVR)

We LOVE to learn how things are made! It's so fascinating! I think it's almost more intriguing to see the types of machinery that are used to make things. Someone had to invent a machine to do things that used to be done by hand. It's amazing!!

Have you ever watched "How It's Made"?? If so, what's your fave episode?


SuperCoolMom said...

I've watched a couple of times, it always takes me back to those "how it's made" type of movies that Mr. Rogers used to show on Picture Picture. My fave was the Crayon episode.

tammy said...

My kids LOVE that show! I don't always watch it with them, but I always find it interesting and entertaining. The last one I remember watching was on jawbreakers.

Crazymamaof6 said...

we've watched that too! one time this summer around the 4th of July we caught an episode on how to make hot dogs. i seriously was GAGGING! and almost chucked, we had to change the channel before i puked!

i vote no on how it was made for food items. EWWW!

i like Crayons on Mr. Rogers! did you ever see that one?