Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lotsa stuffs

I'm so happy that the kids had a great first week of school. It has also been a productive week for me!

{warning - kinda gross pics coming up}

Oh but look what my Dad did last month to his hand! Let's see, can't remember exactly what he did but ended up needing a few stitches! Ouch! It's healing quite nicely.
However, he got hurt again this week {while my Mom was working at the Mesa Temple in the evening} so he wrapped it a little til his *nurse* could home & help him out. Apparently, he slipped & fell onto some sheet metal in his workshop. OUCH!!! I touched it too, felt like snake skin! LOL
Hope you're feeling better DAD!!!

On a prettier note, I finished my cards for the DSO August Card Swap. Last month we each made 10 cards (all the same). This month not as many people could sign up, so we each made 2 different cards - 5 each.

For my first one, I used KimB's "Softly Sweet" kit. I also printed extra flowers, cut them out, used sticky foam to attach them (so they stand out) and added a little *bling*!
For my 2nd card set, I used a kit that I'm currently working on and also printed out the bird (using KimB's "tweeties" templates) separately and used sticky foam again to make it stand out & used a little bling for the eye, then added a flower & brad.
I think they both turned out cute, not super fancy but I like them. Oh and they're both blank on the inside.

Ok, SUPER THANKS to my Mom for helping me this week organizing my kids' rooms!

On Thursday we worked all day on the girls' room {it was a major disaster before}. Here's what we had left at the end. Only 1 basket & 1 box of things for them to go thru to decide what toys they wanted to keep or donate.

I've also been working on mountains of laundry. Yep, I was totally behind. But look what I found yesterday when I went to retrieve a basket from my room in the middle of emptying the dryer & reloading the washer! hahaha My sweet Ginger loves the basket! She got mighty comfy, so I let her have it for the day!

Bunko was last night and a total BLAST!!! We had so much FUN & Alicia was a fabulous hostess! We had some delicious food & she even gave us some leftover pulled pork. Mmmmmm!! Thanks, Alicia!!! Here's my *prize*! Isn't it CUTE?!!! {uh ummm don't look too closely, apparently I need to clean the mirror - ahahah}

Yesterday was the designated Boys' room cleaning day! While they were at school, my Mom and I were at it again. We had 3 big trash bags when we were done & a few clothes to donate. Nathaniel was thrilled when he saw the results when he came home from school!!

Here's how it looks NOW!!! {sorry no BEFORE pics - too bad to show LOL}
the two baskets under their backpacks have clothes I need to sort, more donations.

And their closet after major reorganizing!

Remember those two containers the girls needed to sort thru? Well, I just helped them today and we got it all taken care of. More trash & some donations. The rest we organized into their closet. Now look at their room!! {again no BEFORE pics - theirs was worse than the boys}
They still have a few little things to put away, but for the most part, it's so much BETTER than it was! YAY!!
Ashley's side of the closet {those boxes in the corner are more old stuff we need to figure out later}
Felicia's side of the closet. Well, the buckets are for both of them, just their clothes are separated.
The girls are LOVING their spacious bedroom!!! There's enough space for them to do cartwheels! hahaha

Like I said, both of the kids' rooms aren't completely done, but we're off to a great start. Just a few more little things to sort out & they should be done. Now they all just need to keep them clean, which should be easier for them now. They had too much stuff lingering and nowhere to put them. I swear clutter stresses me out. I don't know how I let it get so cluttered, but I feel
tons better now that they can walk in their rooms & see carpet! I think they are feeling less stressed now too. And they don't have me nagging them to do something with their rooms!

On to the next project - MY ROOM! hahhaah

Ben was sick part of this week too. I teased him and said that while he was sleeping Thursday & Friday, I was busy working! I said it's like *Freaky Friday* here! hahaha {cuz I'm usually the one still in bed by the time he leaves for work around 5am & has worked a couple hours by the time I get up in the morning.} Thank goodness he's feeling better - well enough to go back to work today anyway. Get better quickly babe. Luv ya :)


tammy said...

The rooms look great! You're making me feel like starting on mine....but not right now.

Bunko was lots of fun. We just got done eating leftovers for dinner. So nice of her to share!

Crazymamaof6 said...

whoohoo bunko fun! and you found a spot tp hang yours fast. i need to do mine still. thanks for the ride and the chat.

whoohoo on the bedrooms! that is awesome you guys rocked those out. and they are magnificent! way to go!

Anonymous said...

The rooms look great, I love that feeling of mission accomplished!