Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm still here...

Ooops can't believe it's been a week since I last posted! WOW Time has just been flying by for me! I'm amazed how much faster my days are zipping past while the kids are in school. Get up, get the kids ready & out the door (on time - yay!), go to the gym, make lunch, then BOOM it's time for the kids to come home, do homework, snacks, get dinner ready, eat, hang out a little bit, then DANG time for bed already! But the kids are having a blast at school!

And this weekend has been all about this little guy! Can you guess how old he is now?
Yep, he turned 4 on Saturday!

Went to lunch with some friends on Friday, then shopping with my Mom for his surprise treasures! Oh and while I was toy shopping (kids still in school), Ben called to tell me he had to go home right away & pack because work needed him to fly immediately to California to their other office to help out. My man is a super rockstar and got the problem solved & corrected Saturday and by Sunday evening he was home again! YAY!!

While Ben was gone, on Saturday we went to my parents' house to swim & have some lunch & treats! We were there several hours and had a great time! It was also their Anniversary! Married for 40 years! You guys ROCK!!! Thanks Mom & Dad for a fun day in the sun!

Thank goodness Ben was home so soon because that meant he could be home with us to celebrate Anson's birthday Monday evening with all the family! He made the hotdogs and then we had *spongebob* cake. It was yellow with Sponge Bob & Tatrik (that's Patrick in Anson's language) candies all over it. Personally, I canNOT stand Sponge Bob, but that's what Anson wanted so he got it! He was thrilled! And had so much FUN playing with all his cousins!

He's been playing with all his new dinosaurs, animals, and cars this week! I got Ashley & Anson this new toy! They both love it & have already passed all the levels to see their surprise that was hiding inside! {Ashley found the website a while back and wanted one. She even printed out the poster that shows all the different toy possibilities. When I finally found them, Anson liked it too & I couldn't get one for him without getting her one too - since she was the one who knew about them first! They were both ecstatic!}

Don't have time for more pictures, so hopefully I can upload some soon.

Nathaniel & Felicia started orchestra this week & are so excited!! They are itching to start making some music! LOL

***BIG NEWS***
DSO is now hiring 2 designers! If you're a designer & want to apply go HERE for information! I think it's one of the best places to be! Good Luck!!


charlie said...

Happy Birthday to your Gorgeous son!
Charlie xxx

charlie said...

oh..and how fab does your blog makeover look!!!!!!

Dinphy said...

Lol, I actually counted his fingers and thought... he can't be 8! :)
Such a fun photo! Congrats on his birthday!
I just LOVE your blog make-over! It's so pretty and pleasant to look at, with the text scrolling and the background staying in place!
Just... you forgot something! lol. Your 'about me' :) As you said, he's 4 now! ;)

Crazymamaof6 said...

cute is this layout from the designer that uses your scrapbook stuff?
totally cute!

Happy Birthday Anson! that is GREAT! hope he had a great day!

and whoohoo for Orchestra. we didn't do it after all. after talking to Janet and Aimee last week i said he'd have to do it through college, and he said no thanks. Oh well!

OH and Joy is devastated that Ashley won't be in her class anymore. MEGA TEARS! holy crap!