Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hair Cuts

The last thing left to get the kids ready was haircuts! So, I finally did it! They have all needed haircuts for quite a while.

(forgot to take one right before, so this is from last month)
7 inches later
She liked it but wanted more cut off
So, 2 more inches later
I think she looks really CUTE
(and her hair is so shiny)

Felicia BEFORE

(it was almost hard for me to cut her hair because this is the longest it has ever been & it's so pretty except for the dry split ends!)

Off it came
6-7 inches later
Ahhh my pretty girls!!
Oh boy! This little guy is shaggy!
After some buzzing

Uh oh! And I thought Anson was shaggy!
(ummm I'll tell you about his *shiner* later)
There's my handsome little man!
My cute boys!

Whew! I had to vacuum all the stray hairs that were all over my bathroom! But now the kids look great!! And they get to meet their teachers this afternoon!
I need to go take a quick shower to get the rest of their hair off of ME! haha


SuperCoolMom said...

You are Rockin' the back to school stuff! I'm starting to panic just reading your posts - clothes, hair, meet the teacher - you've got it all under control! Good for you!

I've been doing laundry. That's it. Just laundry.

The Graham Family said...

Impressive, I don't dare cut my girls hair, I am afraid I might cut too much off and they might end up with buzz cuts so I have to pay somebody.
You have beautiful children!!!!
p.s. I am lovin the black eye!

LiviaY said...

Your kids look great!
Oh, my Andrea... you're so good with scissors! I tried to give my kids a haircut and it was a total disaster!!!
Lucas moved his head when I was doing the sides and now there's a gap there, right above his ear! hahaha Samantha is a bit easier because I only cut her bangs, but she also moved and ended up with extra short ones! lol I'm afraid I'll give them some sort of childhood trauma!!! HAHA

charlie said...

Your children are adorable top say the least..just gorgeous!!!!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

They all look dashing! Good job! I have one who wants a haircut and some that NEED a haircut.