Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wish us Luck!!

From car pants to car underwear! Anson has been wearing pull-ups that feature Cars (from the Disney movie) and he calls them "my big boy car pants not a diaper!" He has been using the potty only once in a while and it totally has to be his idea.

So, I finally bought him some fun underwear hoping that he will change his mind about the potty! Yesterday at Kohl's I found Diego and Elmo underwear, which he was getting excited about. But last night I found Cars at Wal-Mart. He found them this morning and was so happy! I told him he needed to use the potty before he could put them on. He RAN to the bathroom. He's never done that before. LOL! I helped him put on his new car underwear and explained that since they're so nice, he needs to try to keep them dry and clean!

He said that now he looks like Nathaniel. Yep! I told him Nathaniel is a BIG boy and now HE is a BIG boy too! He can't stop smiling!

Wish us luck that this will be a good day with his new underwear!!!

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Jenny said...

I wish you ALL the good experiences and not what I dealt with, with Weston.