Monday, December 17, 2007

Temple Lights - Pictures

Finally charged my camera batteries so I could upload my pictures! They turned out pretty interesting. Most of them are blurry because of all the movement from the kids and everyone around us. I wish the kids would just look at me and smile when it's time for me to snap the picture. tee hee :) I guess that's my ongoing wish. Oh well, I think they turned out kinda cute for the most part! And we had a good time being there together, so that's what's most important!

The kids in front of the huge Nativity
Ben and I by the Nativity
I just thought this was cute to see them walking in front of us admiring the lights. Plus, the little ones had on huge coats that were too big, but kept them warm! We kept giggling at the size of their coats! tee hee :)
Another attempt by some pretty lights on the plants! The only one with Nathaniel's eyes open and Anson had to turn around at the last second. ha ha
A kind Missionary took this of our whole family. We were laughing because Anson kept running circles around the tree & I finally caught him for the picture. heh heh
See what I mean - the lights are gorgeous! Why are my girls making strange smiley faces? Silly girls! Nathaniel had just gotten in trouble so he has a grumpy face :(
My little injured girl and her strong hero Daddy to the rescue!

Felicia and I were trying to get in a quick girly pic, but Nathaniel jumped in the last minute! See Felicia's hand trying to push him away? They're so funny!

(I didn't edit any of these yet, they're straight from the camera! I'll have to see if I can brighten some when I use for a scrapbook page.)

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SHUMERS said...

To bad I missed you at the Temple. I did copy your Temple picture an put it on my Blog. Thanks