Saturday, December 29, 2007

Anyone Ever Lose Anything at the Lake??

Since Felicia received a cool Metal Detector from sweet ol' Santa, she's been looking for treasures everywhere! Not much luck around here though. So, my Dad heard that Canyon Lake had been drained & called to tell me that it's a "Metal Detector's Treasure Chest" and that there should be tons of "great finds" for Felicia. Apparently, 22 boats, 2 cars, 1 quad, and other stuff had already been discovered there! Ben had to work, so I picked up my parents and we headed out to Canyon Lake (this was on Thursday). Nathaniel went to his cousin's house instead. Boy did he miss out!
Here's Felicia searching for metal treasures!
Ashley found a spot where "a crocodile must've laid down" (She's so funny!)
My Dad pretending he found a big wad of dollar bills!
Anson found what probably used to be a kid's beach umbrella!
I guess someone's riding around w/ only 3 wheels!
My parents & ME
My Dad found part of a water ski
Ashley found a tennis shoe
Does this shirt look familiar anyone?
Anson found a big log!
Ashley thought the big log looked kinda scary, so I had to hold her over it so she didn't touch it!
Ok, who dumped out all their empty soda & beer cans?
Felicia was kinda bummed about not finding many metal treasures (other than soda cans), so she found some big rocks to throw into the water! She loves the big splash!
See the cute critters who enjoyed eating our Krispy Treats!
ME & the kiddos
Ma & Pa
Felicia was very excited to find these pinchers!
Ok, I thought this was really cute of the kids, so I played around with the colors! Here's the original
A Copper finish
And a Dramatic B&W finish (I used actions from HERE, you can download it free)
Enjoying the beautiful view as the sun sets!
Oh wait! Felicia found one more treasure as we headed back to the car! She wanted to keep it, we had to tell her NO. Sorry!
So, if you recognize any of our "great finds" you may want to go pick them up quickly because they'll be filling the lake again in a few days!! We also found a couple pairs of sunglasses, flip flops, and another tennis shoe. (*As it turns out, they drained the lake back in Sept. Why are we just now finding out about it??) Well, even though we didn't find anything with great value, we had a good time getting out of the house & going on a spontaneous little adventure. My Dad also treated us to dinner on the way home. It was a FUN day!


SHUMERS said...

That is a fun adventure. That metal detecter is a get idea.

Janan said...

Come to think of it, I lost a 2 carat diamond there a while ago. Send her back out and tell her not to come home till she has my ring! ha ha!!!

Looks like fun!!! Yeah, some other metal detector probably got my ring . . . darn it!!!!

SuperCoolMom said...

That does sound like a fun day. Sometimes those spontaneous outings are the best - no stress, just fun.