Thursday, December 13, 2007

Magic? It's a Total Miracle!!

I use Magic Eraser all the time around the house, but my friend Jenny gave me another idea of where I could this wonderful godsend...the bathtub!!! She just showed a picture on her blog of her beautifully clean tub! Guess what I did as soon as I was done reading it? You got it, I ran right to the bathroom and grabbed my Magic Eraser and got to work!! (Anson was sleeping, so I figured I should get something productive done.)

Ok, normally I would NOT show anyone this "BEFORE" picture, but since it has a fabulous end result, here goes. This is what my bathtub looks like and, trust me, I have been trying for the past year and a half (since we moved into this house) to get our tub clean. I have gotten it a little clean, but those nasty greyish-brown lines (on the dirty non-slip marks) won't go away. I have scrubbed with practically every "tough" product out there, tried soaking the tub with bleach, and used a wire brush trying to break down the grossness. No results. I even tried a technique that I saw on HGTV using warm white vinegar, again nothing, nada! It's just really disgusting soapscum build-up/stains from the previous owners! Yuck! I know & very embarrassing! But also very frustrating! Ok, here it is, please don't throw up. Do you see the little white section in the middle-right? That's the first spot I cleaned with the magic eraser today. I thought I was going to cry from being so happy!
Oh my GOSH!! I was so surprised! It actually did something. That's when I had to stop to take my before picture. So, after lots of shoulder & elbow grease and 2 magic erasers later, my tub is now clean!! I couldn't stop there though, I got out the shower cleaner and scrubbed the tile, and went over the whole tub to finish it off! Now it's all sparkly clean! Here is my "AFTER" picture!
I just found this on their website, so next time I'll have to try this new bathroom magic eraser to get the few spots that didn't want to come clean and I am now too tired to scrub anymore. I'm still embarrassed for showing the before picture, but who can argue w/ the beautiful end results!!
And here I was thinking that we'd have to pay to have our tub resurfaced! It's ceramic and I'm pretty sure that's expensive! I can't believe I had the miracle product sitting under my kitchen sink this whole time! Thank goodness for Magic Eraser! So, if you haven't ever tried one...go get one fast! They work on markers, crayons, pencil marks, scuffs, greasy finger/hand prints and pretty much any thing on walls, doors, door frames, baseboards, cupboards, furniture, counters, sinks, bathtubs, etc!!! The list goes on and on! You get the idea!
AND a BIG THANK YOU to JENNY for giving me this brilliant IDEA!!!!!


Crazymamaof6 said...


Kristy said...

AMAZING! I love the before and after, it had to be shown to get the full effect!

Ben said...

Cool, I don't have to wear flip flops in the shower anymore.

Andrea said...

HEY! Thx Hon, you never had to wear flip flops in the shower! ha ha :)

erika said...

That is so great that they make a bathroom product too! Thanks for the info, and your tub looks great!
PS - i love the "prayer" story in your previous post!

Jenny said...

Woo hoo for Mr. Clean. I didn't know about the bathroom ones. Awesome. I am now out because I got a little carried away yesterday....looks like I need to stock up once again!

SHUMERS said...

Looks good. I have used them to but man you get a work- out scrubbing.