Sunday, December 16, 2007

Temple Lights

We took the kids to go see the Mesa Temple Lights tonight. It was, of course, beautiful and stunning! (You can see a slideshow of pictures HERE or a short videoclip of the lighting ceremony HERE if you'd like.) We had a pleasant time and took several pictures. Anson was swept up in awe of the pretty lights! He was funny! We would've stayed even longer except that someone accidentally bumped into Ashley & knocked her down hard. So, her already sore knee was hurting her. Ben carried her for a while on his back, then on his shoulders and got tired of lugging her around. So, we decided to leave. That's all right because we already were there a while and had fun! We went home to have hot cocoa with mini marshmallows. The kids got a kick out of watching Ben let our dog, Star, lick out his styrofoam cup. ha ha. She loved it. And we normally never give the dogs any hand-outs. So this was a real treat for her! While Star was getting a couple drops of chocolate, Pepper, our other dog, snuggled on a stack of toss pillows. He was too funny! They act like they are SO tired! But they sleep most the day anyway!

My camera batteries are dying and need to be charged, so I'll share some of our attempts at some fun pictures at the Temple later!

Here's what some of the missionaries were handing out. The girls each got one, it's a postcard with a picture of the Temple Lights!


Crazymamaof6 said...

rad postcard. and can't wait to see your pictures! poor Ashely getting knocked around int the crowds.
loving your play list. you like the synthesized music huh? Lance totally does too.

Jenny said...

I had no idea they had a lighting ceremony each night. Duh! Poor Ashley I hope it didn't shake her up too badly.

P.S. I too love your playlist. I listen to it frequently :)

Jenny said...
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