Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Almost HERE

Yikes! I'm feeling the rush now! Only a couple more days til Christmas, so basically I only have today and tomorrow to get stuff done. We don't shop on Sunday, plus Christmas Eve will be spent cooking and getting ready for our family party at our house! I'm not done baking and haven't wrapped a single present yet. Plus we're still short a present or two. AND I woke up with a dry sore throat this morning. Yuck!

We usually save the wrapping for the last thing anyway cuz presents seem to be easier to stash unwrapped in store bags. But I can't believe that I haven't finished my baking. I'm usually the first to take treats to our neighbors and friends. I've already received a few plates of treats from neighbors and friends, which were yummy by the way!

Are YOU ready?


Crazymamaof6 said...

ahhhhhh! well i feel ya! and i hope you find tome to get it all done! bummer about feeling gross! that is no fun. i haven't' wrapped anything yet either.

Jenny said...

I woke up with the same sore throat this morning. Ahhh. I hope you got lots done today. I am done wrapping and was doing it the other day for several hours. Good luck!

SHUMERS said...

Try to suck on a VIT "C". I am all done Hurray for me. Good luck with getting done the clock is ticking.