Thursday, December 13, 2007

Can't Stop Giggling

I gotta tell you why. Ben and I have a little inside joke/trick that we try to play on each other. Y'all may not think it's funny, but I do. Anyway, I think shortly after we got married is the first time I did this to Ben. (tee hee - see now I'm giggling while trying to type this) Ok, so sometimes we have our blessing on our food standing up - like in the kitchen or something. Well, one time Ben was saying the prayer and just to be silly I took a very quiet step backwards or to the side, so that when he opened his eyes I would be in a different spot and it would throw him off a little. I know you may be thinking - it's not very reverent or maybe dumb and not funny - but you should have seen his face the first time I did that! He was like "Wha? Where'd you go?" hee hee :) Anyhoos, throughout the years, I do that once in a while. I think one time, I even moved across the room. I can be very quiet & stealth if I want to be. His face is just SO FUNNY! Once in a while he tries to do it to me, but usually I hear him, so I know exactly where to turn my head when I open my eyes. I think a couple times he got me, and then he thought it was SO funny! Well, last night, again we had the dinner prayer in the kitchen because we were having baked potatoes and the fixin's were on the island. So, Nathaniel was saying the prayer and I just happened to open my eyes and saw Anson eating some of the shredded cheese off of his potato. Then I glanced to my left and saw that Ben had a little grin on his face and I saw him take a step towards me. I knew I had to do I took a big step backwards and had to try so hard not to let out my big giggle! He took another step and ended up right in front of me. Again I almost lost it! As soon as the prayer was over I didn't say a word so he wouldn't know where I was. I wish so bad that I could have seen his face cuz he was looking all around and finally I let out my school-girl giggling and almost peed my pants! He turned around and was like "I was trying to get YOU!" And then I told him how I saw his little grin and him moving towards me w/ his eyes shut! And he told me "You're not supposed to open your eyes during the prayer!" ha ha ha ha :) "Yah, Well I GOTCHA!" Ok, this may not sound very funny to you and maybe you had to be there, but I am still laughing & can't stop smiling about this! heh heh heh


Crazymamaof6 said...

oh that is hilarious! i can't keep my eyes shut ever! so they are always open. but that is funny you guys do that! you totally had me laughing.

Jenny said...

That sounds like our family. Sometimes we get a case of the giggles so badly we have to start over. :)