Friday, November 9, 2007

My Girls

I am so Thankful for my GIRLS - Felicia and Ashley!!

Felicia is my little mom and super duper helper! When she was little, her nickname was "FiFi" (pronounced FeeFee). She was so cute that sometimes we would call her "Miss FiFi" and she loved it! So, she went into nursery at church (at 18mos) being called FiFi but seemed to outgrow the nickname by the time she was 3. She loves to paint, write me little notes, help cook, sing (esp karaoke), and dance (in her room when she thinks no one is looking).

Ashley is our "Little Bunny" or just "Bunny" well that's her nickname, but we call her that almost all the time. She seems to like it. She's always had a little 'bounce' in her step and she's such a cutie pie. She definitely has her own style and stubborn attitude.

They are so cute, sweet, lovable, cuddly, smart, funny, helpful, grateful, creative, talented, and growing up way TOO fast! I can't believe they're already 8 and 5. I remember when they were born, seems not THAT long ago! Well, I could go on forever about how fun they are, but I will spare you. Anyway, I created a layout using the pictures we were trying to take on Sunday after church. We were in our front yard just enjoying the nice weather and beautiful sunset. So, I decided to try and take our picture together, plus Ashley was wearing the craziest outfit and her new boots. She loves her boots and wants to wear them with everything (and I mean everything). At least she looks darling wearing them, so she can get away with it, for now. LOL! Felicia has new boots, too, but seems to be a little more conservative with them. ha ha :)


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Crazymamaof6 said...

way cute l.o. and your girls are pretty fab! mine think so anyway. fifi! so cute! and i can totally see Ashley hopping around! fab tribute to your girls!

hotmamabeads said...

I love your LO and the fun journal post about your girls. Love the nicknames!

erika said...

What cute nicknames! That is such a cute page (and post) about your girls!

Kristy said...

Such fun names, and I love how different they are from each other. Absolutely beautiful!