Friday, November 16, 2007

Crazy Hair Day & I'm So Thankful...

The kids told me today is CrAzY hAiR day at school. So, even though we woke up late, I hurried to give them weird hair (or at least weird for them). Here's what we came up with:

Nathaniel's spikey mohawk
Felicia has 6 ponytails

Well, to be honest, we were running out of time, so
Ashley just has 2 ponytails that stick out

They were still pretty excited about their wacky hairdo's !
I haven't done my "thankfuls" for a couple days. Well, I guess you could say that by posting our fun family pictures...I'm thankful for my digital camera! It's not top of the line but it's also not bottom of the's just RIGHT!! I love it! I love taking pictures - I don't claim to be the best photographer, but I think my pics turn out pretty good. And if I didn't take pictures all the time, no one else would. I enjoy documenting our family life with pictures!
So, here's another "thankful" for today! Using my wonderful camera, I took pictures of our lawn to see how it would do. To be honest, I wasn't sure our winter lawn would actually grow. I was hoping, but also trying to be ready for disappointment just in case it didn't grow the way I wanted. Remember, we've never put in a winter lawn before, but to my surprise it actually grew! YAY!! I'm so thankful for our winter grass that grew right before my eyes! (Oh and I'm thankful for all the water we have so that it could grow!)
Here's our lawn just 5 days after seeding
(it's kinda hard to see, but there are tons of green sprouts)

And now here's our lawn this morning! (just 10 days after all our hard work) I think it's gorgeous!! Yes, it has a few bald patches, but for the most part, it's a thick lush lawn! Apparently, we need to get a little more seed to fill in the "not-so-lush" areas. (our neighbor gave us that handy tip that we had no clue about) Our backyard is filling in also, but not quite as great as the front. Probably cuz we didn't really prep the backyard, we just threw the seed out there and a little fertilizer that was left. So, actually, it's doing pretty good considering we didn't put much effort into it.

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Kristy said...

Holy cow, it looks fabulous! Great job!!!