Friday, November 23, 2007


I hope everyone had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

We had an awesome day! We all had a lot of fun! It was definitely a good holiday for us! Lots of laughter & the food was so delicious! We couldn't stop eating but eventually our tummies told us NO MORE FOOD! LOL :)

I took a ton of pictures and want to share a bunch of them. And for once, I managed to get into a lot of pictures. So sorry if you get sick of looking at me! ha ha :)

Heather curling Felicia's hair
Heather and ME

Trevor & Nathaniel
Me & the Girls

Ben & Nathaniel playing XBOX 360
Heather (Ben's sis) & Tom

Some of us while Ben's carving the Turkey

Ron & Joy (Ben's sis)
Nancy (Ben's Mom) & Jim

My Niece, Chantel & ME
Me & My Niece, Tiffany

My Mom & ME

My Mom & Dad
ME & My Dad
ME & Ben
Ashley got so tired after Ben's family left that she just passed out on the couch! So, when my parents came over later for a treat, we took our family picture around her (so she wouldn't be excluded)! ha ha

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