Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm Thankful For...

MY HUBBY!!! He's so Awesome!!! He's the Bestest husband I could ever ask for!


1. He's my BEST FRIEND

2. He's HOT (I mean, who can resist Spider-Man??)

3. He's FUNNY and always makes me LAUGH (that's very important to me)

4. He's a ton of FUN to be around

5. He's a great DAD (the kids totally adore him)

6. He LOVES his Family
(pics-Ben w/ his sisters & Mom, Us @ Mesa Temple Visitor's Center)

7. He's very HANDY (he can fix tons of stuff! he's also great at construction-he did most of the remodeling on our house himself, with the help of my Dad.)
(pics-our kitchen before we bought the house, Ben doing demo, our kitchen Now)
Incredible, huh?!

8. He HELPS around the house when I ask for it, including helping the kids with whatever they need help with (baths, getting dressed, band-aids, homework, listening, etc)
9. He can be very SPIRITUAL, when he wants to be (pic-Nathaniel's Baptism)

10. He is an excellent LEADER

11. He let me FRENCH-BRAID his hair when it was longer last year (isn't he the cutest?)

12. He is always willing to HELP and SERVE others

13. He ROCKS at Karaoke on the XBOX (he can pretty much sing any song - boy or girl parts- cuz he's great at mimicking and doing impressions)

14. He's an ok SPORT about me kicking his butt on fighting games on the XBOX 360 (tee hee)
*ok to save his rep, I'll add that he's way better than I am at Gears of War and Halo3 online (I do good in co-op, but online, well I get killed way more than I do the killing).

15. He hasn't gotten UPSET at me when I haven't wanted to cook dinner for the past few weeks. Normally, I love to cook, but for some reason, I haven't been in the mood to cook or plan what to make for dinner. So, we've had super-quick-easy meals (like quesadillas, nachos, cannery beef stew, cannery chicken & rice, pasta w/ sauce from a jar, etc) or some take-out lately.

16. He's building me a NEW COMPUTER because I asked him to (well, it's my early-Christmas AND Birthday present) and I got to pick all the parts that go in it!!! YAY!!! We're talking HUGE harddrives so I can continue to digi-scrap! :) Woohoo!!

Ok, I could go on and on and on, but I'll stop now.

Ben, Thanks for ALWAYS being there for me and LOVING me so much!!! I LOVE YOU OODLES & GOBS!

(Ok, I admit, I got the idea for listing what I'm grateful for during the month of November from Kristy & Julie. It's a good idea, so yes, I'm being a copycat. Oh well. I needed an idea and theirs is good!) I also had tons of fun finding some old and recent pictures of Ben to add to my post!


molly said...

What a fun post, good to get to know your hubby a little better! I love that everyones is blogging what they are thankful for, good thing to copy :)
Oh and the kitchen looks AMAZING, I need to come check out your house!

SHUMERS said...

Ya he sound great. I'm glad your happy>

Bennie said...


Ben reminds me of my hubby. A man, dad, and a husband with a great sense of humor who is just laid back. Wishing you all the best!

Kristy said...

That was great! He seems like an awesome guy. I am glad you are doing this too!

Crazymamaof6 said...

that was fab! and love that he let you braid his hair! love that. and i am impressed that you can braid. but very cool post about your hubby! the thing i like the best about Ben is knowing about the girls night out inside joke. haha! makes me giggle! love getting to know Ben better!

Jenny said...

Sounds like you guys are quite a pair. What a nice tribute to him. I am sure that made him feel good. We all need to hear that right? And I have to say that spider man costume--he pulled it off well :)