Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Super Silly Girls

Felicia and Ashley were playing around the other day making Ben and I laugh so hard. They kept trying to "talk like a MAN." Ben and I were talking about how it's so funny when women try to repeat something that a man has said, sometimes they do it in a little lower voice or when they say how their husband is complaining about something, then they use a higher pitched whiny voice to imitate it. Then when a man is talking about a woman, they try to use a higher pitched voice to sound like a girl. Anyway, we were teasing each other and changing our voices and the girls heard us and started doing it too. Ashley would stick her chest out and say, "I'm talking like a Man. heh heh heh!" with her deep voice (you know as deep as she can get). And then Felicia chimed in copying her, but if you've heard Felicia's voice, she's already on a higher pitch than Ashley, so she didn't sound much different than usual cuz she can hardly deepen her voice. LOL! So Ben was teasing them and asking if they had a mustache...Ashley nodded her head and quickly put her hand above her lip. She was so cute! Then he asked "what about a beard?" And Felicia nodded and covered her chin w/ her hand. We could not stop giggling! It was fun being completely entertained by the girls! Well, yesterday the girls we were wearing their new matching shirts & looked so cute, so I wanted them to show me their "beard" and "mustache" poses so I could do a scrapbook page and document our fun time!

So here you have it...their MAN poses!
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Crazymamaof6 said...

way cute shirts! and too funny! so cute! we really need to get our girls together to play. maybe next week. love the poses! and that you recreated it! way to go!

Jenny said...

Your layouts turn out so great! I can totally relate to your man conversations. So funny. Have you seen she's the man?? It's such a funny movie.

SHUMERS said...

That is so true about the voice change. I think it is so funny to listen to weman talk about what there husbands said.