Monday, November 19, 2007

Car Trouble Again

UGH!! I am so tired of car problems. I just had my car worked on just before Halloween. Saturday early afternoon we tried to go to my nephew’s birthday party, but guess what?? The car wouldn’t start! It made that horrible “tick tick tick” sound! Let me guess a dead battery? Well, Ben came home during his lunch hour to check it out. Yep it’s the battery. So, he jumped it and it started. Maybe it just needs to be charged. So, he hooked it up to the charger and let it charge til he came home after work. It started fine, so I was able to go buy my turkey & ham (both on sale at Albertson’s).

Ben left Sunday morning to meet my dad for elk hunting. Before he left he checked my car…started fine again. Whew! We would be able to drive ourselves to church. Guess again! Just a couple hours later, it wouldn’t start when we tried to go to church. Dang it! I forgot to mention that we were running late, so we skipped sacrament meeting. Ashley had a talk in primary and I was also teaching in primary. So, we had like 10 minutes to get there. I called my Mom and asked if she would be able to drop us off. She rushed over and we (me and 4 kids, plus my Mom) all squeezed into her cute little Toyota Rav4. We never ever squeeze that many people into a car that doesn’t have enough seat belts, but this time was an emergency. At least I got Anson’s car seat, so he was safe! She’s so awesome that she also picked us up after church!

So, this morning, my Mom took me to Wal-Mart to get my battery checked. Turns out, it was bad and also that same style is now discontinued. I got a new battery free and got 3 dollars in change. Thank goodness for their 3 year warranty (that battery was less than 6 months old).

I am so grateful for my awesome MOM!! Thank You MOM for helping us!!! You’re the BEST!!

This is my Mom & Dad

Me & my Mom (last year at Amazing Jake's)


SuperCoolMom said...

Thank Heavens for Moms!!! I can't even count the times that mine has come to my rescue! Love your new header!

SHUMERS said...

Car touble stinks. We are tring to get Rick something smaller becouse of gas $ and I just want something that is good condition that wont give us any problems.

molly said...

Oh, i hate care trouble, it always happens at the worst time! Thank goodness for awesome moms who live close! We are super close if you ever need help!

Ondria said...

I hate car problems too. It seems like you pay no matter what. You can either have a new car with fewer car issues but a big payment or an old car with a smaller payment but more car issues. Can't we all just ride bikes? ;) Thank heaven for Moms though.