Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Already?

I noticed a few days ago that one of our neighbors (behind us) has already begun to hang his Christmas lights. I know the lights at the Temple have already started because it takes so long to put up soooo many lights to be ready for the day after Thanksgiving. And last week I noticed another neighbor (around the corner from me) already had their Christmas tree all lit up in their house! Already? I think last year, we started to put stuff up the weekend before Thanksgiving or the week of because Ben was going to be working the day after and that whole weekend. He also went out of town beginning of December, so I bought more lights and hung them myself while he was gone. It was FUN!
So, my question to you you put up lights and/or decorations outside, decorations/lights inside? And when?

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Also, when do you put up your Christmas tree (and do you have themed ornaments or a variety)?

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Also, do you do the stocking thing? I mean, do you have stockings for everyone in your family and do you hang them? or where do you put them?

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We haven't started our outdoor lights and decorations yet (for Christmas). We have a fall wreath on our door still. We will probably start next week, maybe I'll start the day after Thanksgiving while Ben is at work. We usually put up our tree the weekend of Thanksgiving, too. Growing up we always had a real tree, and we didn't get it til the week of Christmas. I loved our trees but a little jealous that so many other people would have their tree up much earlier. When we got married we bought a fake tree (it doesn't look fake cuz so many people have asked us if it's real, so now you know), so we could put it up much earlier and enjoy it the whole month of December. We have mostly silver ornaments (a few hand made from the kids), silver garland, and a multi-color garland and a lighted star for the top of our tree! Depending on my mood, we usually put out the indoor decorations (which we only have a couple) at the same time as the tree. We have a different stocking for each person in our family, not personalized just different picture/colors. We finally bought nicer ones 2 years ago. And last year, I bought a stocking rack/holder from Kirkland's. We don't have a mantle above our fireplace, so this sits in front of the fireplace and has hooks for each of our stockings. I love it! All the other years, we would just keep the stockings in our closet and bring them out Christmas Eve for Santa to fill. I just figured they would get kicked around or go missing before Santa arrived. I mean I found Ashley walking around one year (on Christmas Day) w/ stockings on her feet calling them boots! It was pretty funny, but that's one reason why we had to buy new ones! LOL :) Ok, just thinking about all the fun decorations makes me want to get them out! I can't wait...just a few more days!

So tell me, what are your decorating traditions??


Kristy said...

WE are going to start decorating this weekend. I'll wait for the outside stuff til next week after Thanksgiving, but I can't wait anymore. If it was socially acceptable I would go straight from Halloween to Christmas. Can't wait to see pics of all your fun decorations!

P.S. Already listening to Christmas music, my husband is ready to kill himself!

SHUMERS said...

we have a fake tree. We put it up for FHE after Thanksgiving. I don't have a fireplace so I just hang the stocking and a card holder. We put big red lights on our house. I wanted something differant the the icicles.

SuperCoolMom said...

We start decorating on the day after Thanksgiving - unless I'm too tired and crabby from Shopping. If that's the case, we do it the day after.

Kimberly and Jonathan said...

Cute blog! I love all the fun Christmas pics and decorations! I need to start decorating now!!

Jenny said...

We decorate usually after Thanksgiving. I think before hand I would be too sick of it. My husband does a pretty impressive light thing on our house. He outlines the entire roof and yard. I am not sure I am up for it this year. We'll see....

Everything goes up at once tree, stockings, etc. We have a variety of ornaments. My mom growing up bought me one each year and let me take them when I got married. We do the same things for our kids.