Monday, November 12, 2007

My NEW Computer


Ben worked on my computer this weekend...installing all the new parts (motherboard, processor, extra large fan, memory, video card & 2 large hard drives), then installing windows, new anti-virus program, all my "must-have" programs and all my backup files. Now it is finally running very smoothly and super fast! YAY!!! So, I just had to try out Photoshop to see how much better it works w/ all my new super cool stuff. WOW! It's so great! THANK YOU THANK YOU my dear hubby for all the work and time you spent on my computer!! I just can't say it enough...You're THE Best!!! I LOVE my new computer!!

Anyway, here's the new layout I created w/ my smokin' hot computer!

Credits HERE


SHUMERS said...

very cute scrapbooking . Are we still on for Wed. @ 11

Kristy said...

So cute. Isn't it great to have a fab computer? I really love your LO's, you are so good at it!

Jenny said...

You are on fire!! How nice to have a hubby computer saavy.

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow! LUCKY! how exciting to be speedy ! Merry Christmas right?

JenLin said...

Love your LO! Thank you so very much for using my kit, and for sharing your page with me. Looks beautiful! :)