Friday, February 15, 2008

My Week in Pictures

WOW! This week has been a busy one and totally flew by! We've had health issues, celebrated a birthday, had a few parties, etc!!
Sunday & Monday, Nathaniel was battling stomach issues. So, made many bathroom runs during church and even several times Monday morning before school started, so he stayed home on Monday.
Over the weekend, Ben dropped his phone one too many times, so it refused to turn on and work again. So, we decided to get new cell phones. It had been over 3 years with our original phones. We also called it our "Valentine" gifts! My phone was fine, but upgraded anyway and we got the same model (except mine is PINK and his is BLACK). Out with the OLD in with the NEW!!

Monday at bedtime, Ashley was complaining that her ear was hurting. Uh oh, I gave her some ibuprofen for the pain, Ben gave her a Priesthood Blessing (thank goodness for that), but she still had a really hard time sleeping. She kept getting up (like every 5 minutes) complaing of the pain. So, I finally let her sleep with us, I mean, she kept coming in our room anyway. Whoa!! Sleeping with an uncomfortable sick child is like sleeping with a horse trying to swim!! My goodness she was all over the place and kept pushing me practically off the bed. She also would put her arm on me and it felt like she was choking me. She also tried to throw her leg over me, and it felt like one of the dogs had just fell onto me. LOL :) Poor darlin' didn't get much sleep, but then again neither did I. I took her to the doctor Tuesday afternoon. She took one look in her ear and said "WOW she has a Severe Ear Infection" in that ear only. Poor little sweetie!! She put her on antibiotics, so now 2 kiddies are on the antibiotic schedule this week. Anson's almost done with his. So, she has had her ups and downs with her sore ear this week!

Tuesday was also my SIL (Heather) Birthday!! So, we had dinner, cake and ice cream at my MIL's house. Heather made us lasagna, which was delicious as usual!!! It was FUN! And it was also kind of a "going away" party because Heather, Tom, and Trevor are moving out of state next week. We LOVE them and will MISS them TONS!!!
Heather and ME

Ben with his sisters, Heather & JoyI had to leave the party a little early because our ward was having our 1st "Tech Tuesday" Enrichment activity and I was in charge of teaching how to set up a family blog. It was fun, our numbers were small but that way we had plenty of individual time. I helped 4 people set up their family blogs. The ladies were great & learned it pretty quick! Thank goodness Blogger is very user friendly. Way to go Ladies!! And their blogs are lookin' good! My friend, Kristy, who asked me to teach, was so SWEET to bake my family an apple pie, a cherry pie and got some ice cream to go with them! They are SO GOOD!!! Thank you!!

Wednesday, I met some of my friends for a little lunch at Barro's. It was some much needed girl time. Thanks for the fun lunch ladies!! You ROCK!!

Here's a pic of Ashley enjoying her cupcake at her Valentine's class party!!

This one's for Julie! This is her cute daughter. Don't know if you can see it clearly, but she had dipped her lips into the hot pink frosting on her cupcake and it looked like lipstick! ha ha. All the kids were doing that and it was funny to see lots of hot pink lips & teeth!!

Ben and ME after our FUN Valentine Lunch at Chili's!!
Here are the CUTE 'spin-art' hearts that I helped Nathaniel's class make. Wasn't my idea, I was just there to help. Aren't they SO CUTE?!!!
Here's Nathaniel's class
Here's my sweet Ashley asleep in the Nurse's office. She seemed to make a quick recovery once we got home and she was checking out her Valentine cards (and all the candy)!!
WHEW!!! I'm tired just looking at these and remembering my busy week. But it was definitely a good FUN week! My Mom also came by last night to bring the whole family little treats and sweet cards. She also gave the kids this movie "Snow Buddies" which they loved watching last night!!! Thank you Mom!!!

GOOD NEWS!!! It's FRIDAY!! And it's a LONG weekend!! Hope everyone has a great day & weekend!!


Crazymamaof6 said...

thanks for that picture of Joy! she is a nut. and fun to see it but not have to go. you are rad for helping so much with both classes. that is pretty awesome spin art. remember the spin art shirts?
cool new movie. and your new phone is dang cute. have a fab weekend!

Christy said...

OMG I had a crazy week too! Nearly as crazy as yours.

Awwww I've been wanting to watch that video Snow Buddies... I've seen the previews for it on tv commercials and I've even thought about buying it too. :) I know Tony would love it.

Great photos! Thanx for sharing.

That's cool you taught the ladies at church how to use blog! LuvLuv it! :)

Holly said...

Wow, busy week. I think I need a nap after reading it all! It looks like a lot of fun though.

Crissybug said...

How much fun! I love getting new phones! Those pies look so yummy!

I love helping out in the kids classes. It looks like you guys had alot of fun!

Jenny said...

Holy cow that was quite the V-day class party. Hope the kids are on the mends--never fun.

Happy Friday (looks like you had a great week full of excitement) Gotta love Barros (that brings me back to good ol' MVT!)

Anonymous said...
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Jen Shumway said...

Wow that is a lot in one week. Sleeping with kids is the pits. Mine always seem to take the whole bed. Hope they get better soon.

Jen Shumway said...

Wow that is a lot in one week. Sleeping with kids is the pits. Mine always seem to take the whole bed. Hope they get better soon.