Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day Cards

This year I decided to help the kids make their Valentine cards on the computer. They helped select everything that went onto them. I think they turned out really cute!
Nathaniel wanted his picture on his card. Actually he wanted another style that said "Be Mine" or "Adorable" but I reminded him that some of those aren't as cool to hand out to other boys. His response to me was "But I AM Adorable!" LOL Yes, he is, but we went a different way. He likes them.

{Credits: MandyMystiques "Valentine Grunge" paper & frame}

With Felicia's card, I actually typed individual's names on each one, so all she had to do was cut them out. She's very happy with how they turned out!

{Credits: JenLin "Modern Love" papers, ME "Hot Pink Valentine" lace heart}

Ashley wanted something really simple with pink and a heart & flower. She cut hers out and put each one in a little baggie with some candy hearts. She loved putting them all together by herself.

{Credits: ME "Hot Pink Valentine" paper & Love label; "Berry Fabulous" heart & flower}

Usually we buy the fun character cards from the store and the kids label them on their own. We just wanted to try something different this year. It was fun and they got to be creative! What did you do for kids' cards this year???


Crazymamaof6 said...

way cute!
i didn't even think of doing that. we have cheap ones. with suckers. and i did everyone but liberty's and Peyton addressed his. i hot glued the stickers on for the ones that had stickers. and i hot glues the suckers on too. a line. and put the stick on.
for 4 kids
rad. Paxton is actually giving candy bracelets. i hot glued those on too.
have a fab ♥'s day! fun to see ya at lunch.

Christy said...

Hey 6ta-

So ok, I've started reading Twilight, I think I opened it late Sun night and ended up falling asleep, but now I'm on Ch 7, page 129. Luv it so far! Was a bit slow to start, but started moving along and I can hardly put it down.

I wasn't sure how I was going to like it as I've read many reviews on it and have noticed a few different views on those who have critiqued it.

I'm never one to judge a book by its cover (in one meaning or more-lol) nor am I one to really listen to others' opinions etc, however, I do like to get a feel for what people are saying etc. And then I can form my own opinion about it.

I always give a book a good chance of my critique - I never make a conscious decision to put a book down until I've reached 100pages and if then I want to put it down still, I will. I am truly enjoying this one!

I really wasn't sure what to think esp when I started the beginning of the book and knowing that it is Stephenie Meyer's first novel. One can never really know if the first novel will be good or not until read. I always enjoy the freshness of a new author etc. So my mind was intrigued as I read the comments on your blog about it.

So ya'll, I've picked it up and hardly putting it down. If I had more time in the day to read, I'd already have finished it. :)

A new fan of the series

SuperCoolMom said...

Those are Awesome!!! I'm all about buying them the day after Valentine's and storing them in my closet for a year. So my kids are giving all their friends year old Nerds. (What the heck, they can't taste any worse right?)

Allison said...

Love what you have done. Your children are so lucky to have such a cool mom. Love Nathaniel's and what he wanted to say on his. Great kid!! Anyway, you have me very impressed with your ingeniusness (don't know if that really is a word, but I like it). Have a great Valentine's Day.

Becky said...

Brilliant work on the valentine's!!