Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Excitement


Today has been full of excitement!!

First, I got the kids out the door for school (on time). Then raced to get cleaned up and left to go help with Ashley's class party. I had to circle back to the house because I forgot my bag of craft stuff. I was in charge of helping the kids make a valentine card to take home to give to their family (or anyone they want). The party was fun and everyone's cards turned out so cute!! All the tables had fun games or crafts! Anson came with me and got to play with cars and enjoy treats with the class. They had big cupcakes with hot pink frosting, which turned everyone's lips and teeth PINK!! LOL :)

Then, Anson and I headed out to meet Ben for lunch at Chili's! That was fun! Love the lunch rendezvous w/ my honey!!

During lunch, I received a call from a parent asking if I could come help with Nathaniel's class party this afternoon. She was at the school dropping off all the goods for the party and Nathaniel asked her to call me to let me know the time of the party. Silly guy. He told her that I could probably help but didn't know what time to come.

After lunch, came home for a short half hour and then right before leaving the house, I received a call from the school nurse saying that Ashley wasn't feeling well & was kind of dazed. I rushed to the nurse's office to check on her, she was tired and her tummy & ear were hurting. The nurse gave her some ibuprofen and said she could lay down & rest while I went to help with Nathaniel's party. I hesitated but she insisted it was ok.

So, off Anson & I went to Nathaniel's class. WOW! They had tons of fun stuff going on. I helped with the 'spin-art' table. The kids wrote a note on a paper-plate heart then on the other side they painted. Well, we put the hearts in a salad spinner and dropped some paint on it, then spin spin spin. Voila!! Beautiful hearts! (BTW - onehm's daughter was the fastest spinner of the day! That's what I told her & I think she liked that title because I heard her telling someone else! tee hee) Anyway, Anson kind of wandered around the room while everyone enjoyed their party doing different games and stuff.

Then, I was helping clean up and Anson disappeared. He had gone right outside the door (which was open to let in some air) to go to the bathroom a couple times and I helped him earlier. I ran to the bathroom, but he wasn't there. Then I ran out to the playground - not there either. I grabbed some boy and asked him to check in the boys' bathroom for me - not there! I ran over to Felicia's classroom (hers is right by Nathaniel's) and asked her to go look for him. She had said she saw him a little while earlier when she had to run to the office. Apparently he had followed her. I guess she didn't find that strange. I saw another parent and she told me that he was in the office. So, I told Felicia to go to Ashley's class and gather her stuff for her. I ran to the office as they were announcing my name over the loud speaker. Great! At least he was safe! Another girl saw him wandering around and took him to the office. I guess they remembered me or that Felicia had just been there. Don't know. Just so happy to find him! The P.E. teacher was in the office and was asking if he was a 'Dickinson' just as I came in. She said he looked just like his brother (everyone else was saying the same thing today).

So, I grabbed Anson and reminded him not to wander off because it scares me so much! Went into the nurse's office to check on Ashley. Poor little darlin' fell asleep. She must have been extra tired and the ibuprofen finally kicked in. She looked so sweet. Yep, I snapped a quick picture before waking her.

Finally found all the kids and left the school. WHEW! What a busy day! I have a few pictures, but need to add more batteries to my camera so I can upload them. I'll post them later.

Hope everyone is having a FUN day too!!


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Holly said...

Ok, I'm tired just reading this. You get the Mom of the Day award for all this!

Jenny said...

Phew is right! Glad you were able to eat a yummy lunch and find the babe. Happy Valentines Day!

Jen Shumway said...

None stop all day. You are smart to go to luch instead of dinner. My heart stops when I can't find my kids. Glad he is safe.

SuperCoolMom said...

Wow, moment of panic when you can't find a little one! Glad you found him safe.

I got to go to lunch with my honey too! So great to have a romantic rendezvous!

Sharon said...

Holidays are SO BUSY now huh! Your day sounded a LOT like mine! :)