Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not Very Bloggy

I didn't realize I hadn't posted since Sunday, and sweet Julie emailed to ask if I was OK. Thanks for thinking of me! Yes, I'm ok, just busy and not very "bloggy" this week.

Spent the afternoon & some evening w/ Ben's family on Monday (picnic at the park) before Heather moved away on Tuesday. Ben took her to the airport that morning (very early) and then we just sort of "chilled" and were lazy that day.

Yesterday I took Anson to the pediatrician for his follow-up visit. His ear infection is totally gone & he's all better!! YAY!! Then I spent some time working on digi-scrap stuff.

Today, took Nathaniel to the orthodontist to get new wires on his braces and he changed the color of his bands to GREEN!! That way when St. Patrick's Day comes around, no one can pinch him. LOL :) He really loves being able to change the band colors each month! Makes his braces kinda fun, I guess!!

Went to lunch w/ Mom & Christy at our usual Subway today. Definitely lovin' our girl/family time!!

My visiting teachers came over and we had a fun discussion. Mostly about how to get our kids to clean their rooms and the rest of their stuff. Neither one of us could find the right answer to that huge mystery! ha ha Anyone out there have the answer to that Million Dollar Question???

Tonight is Nathaniel's PINEWOOD DERBY for cub scouts! He is so excited!! Ben & Nathaniel were so cute working together to make his car. Nathaniel wanted a camouflage hummer-ish that's what he made! Good Luck to him tonight!!

After that's's GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!! I'll be meeting my friends for a bite to eat then off to see a movie ("Definitely Maybe"). Have you seen it? Heard it's really cute. Can't wait to spend some time w/ the girls!!


Crazymamaof6 said...

yup busy week! wow. bummer i'm missing GNO again. UGH! freaking husband that goes out of town. no fun for me. hope you guys have a rad time.

Jen Shumway said...

Girls night out. How fun.

I love pinewood derby. Braden makes his car this Saturday.

Anonymous said...
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Jenny said...

We talked about going to see that for GNO next week as well. You will have to tell me if you like it. Good to know you are okay. Sometimes I get in a blogging rut too!

Christy said...

Hey I finished TWILIGHT earlier this afternoon. I've already started the 2nd one NEW MOON. FYI, Luv Ya Sis, Christy :)

PS, thanx for letting me borrow the 2nd and 3rd in the series!

Christy said...

I just posted info about TWILIGHT on my page if you're interested... I think you'd like the trailer for TWILIGHT if you haven't already seen it.

I've seen the gal who is playing Bella in other lifetime movies and I've liked her in those movies. So I think she'll do good as Bella.

The guy playing Edward was in Harry Potter's 4th movie, I forget which character.