Friday, February 1, 2008

Girls Night Out

We had our girls night out last night, which was very much needed for me. I haven't seen much of them for a while. Things just get so crazy busy during the holidays. So, Allison planned a nice relaxing spa evening! It was a smaller group last night (Allison, Sharlesa, Nani, Amy, Janan & Me), which is fine, and we chatted for a while w/ a few snacks. Then sweet Allison gave us pediures!! We relaxed our tired feet in foot baths, then she massaged lotion on our feet and then spoiled us with a nice hot parafin wax 'Hawaiian' treatment. I admit that I have never had a pedicure (by anyone other than me) before but this felt SO GOOD!! She was awesome! Thank you ALLISON!! Then we all chatted til about 4:30am. I love how we can talk about anything!

Yep, I got home just in time to wake up my sweetie for work this morning. I was still wide awake, so I played on the computer a little bit & chatted on the phone w/ my hubby while he drove to work. Then I took about a 15 minute nap before waking the kids for school. Got them out the door, barely on time. Whew! That meant that I didn't have to throw on my robe and flip-flops and drive them to school. LOL :) YAY! So, I laid down again for about an hour until Anson woke me up handing me his cough syrup because he was coughing again this morning. Poor guy! So, needless to say, I AM VERY TIRED, but I'm not complaining because I had a great time last night! I needed to have some 'girl time' and just relax, so it was perfect! Although, we did miss our die-hard regulars Julie, Janie & Alicia!!


Crazymamaof6 said...

for real i am seriously bumming! freaking husband out of town for freaking work! dang it! it has been since SEPTEMBER FOR ME to go to that group. way long time! for real.

Holly said...

Can you say, "jealous"?! It sounds like so much fun.

Jenny said...

Oh, man I love nights like that except for the next day. I am sure you were SO tired. Sounds like a FUN time :)