Monday, February 4, 2008

The Weekend & A Giveaway

Saturday, February 2nd was GROUNDHOG DAY! Hope y'all had a good one. To celebrate, my Dad has started an Annual Groundhog Day BBQ. So, this weekend was our 2nd one. We went to my parents' house for a BBQ. My dad cooked hot dogs & hamburgers and my Mom made guacamole, salsa (hers is the BEST) and bean dip with lots of chips and fruit! Everything was so GOOD! Then we watched one of our favorite funny movies - Groundhog Day (the new Special 15th Anniversary Edition)! We had a great time! Thanks for the fun evening MOM & DAD!!

Sunday we went to church. Trying to get Anson dressed to go was difficult, he was still tired and kept crawling back into bed. ha ha. His crying was making him cough, so Ben was going to stay home with him. But telling Anson it was ok to go back to bed really upset him. Silly guy! He kept saying that he wanted to go to church, the new church. Which I think means his new class. LOL. So, he finally kept his clothes on and off we went. After church, a couple people told us that when Anson was in Primary, they let him pick his favorite song to sing. You'll never guess what song he chose . . . . umm Spider-Man! ha ha ha So, they tried to compromise and sing Itsy Bitsy Spider. He kept saying, "NO! That's not the Spider-Man song!" LOL tee hee :) He is just too funny!

On to the exciting news ~ my friend,
crazymamaof6, is having a giveaway contest! All you have to do is leave her a comment, or 2 or 3, as many as you'd like. Then she'll pick 3 random winners to receive a gift from her! The fun part - it's a Pay-it-Forward, so then the winners can hold the same contest on their blogs too! So, go leave her some comments!! Good Luck!!


Ashley said...

My daughter is obsessed with spiderman. She sings "spiderman" instead of spiderpig. That song was on every commercial forever it seems. Also I did use some of you DS freebies. You can see them on Thanks again! I had fun playing with them.

Crazymamaof6 said...

whoohoo thanks for the plug. way fun groundhog day plans. does anyone know what he saw? i have no idea. if you know let me know. and i am loving all of your comments on the contest. hope you win one.

Holly said...

I love Groundhog Day. Such a classic! And, what's wrong with Spiderman in primary? ;)