Wednesday, February 6, 2008

DAD is GREAT...he gives us CHOCOLATE cake!

Did you ever see Billy Cosby: Himself (his comedy act)? He's so funny! I remember watching it as a kid and laughing thinking "yah my parents sound like that!" Now thinking about it, "my kids DO that!" ha ha :)

Anyway, he talks about how one day, he let his wife sleep in and he had to feed the kids breakfast. So, he said they could have chocolate cake. The kids were like "are you SURE? Mom doesn't let us have that for breakfast!" So, he let them have it. Then the kids were happy & singing "DAD is GREAT...he give us CHOCOLATE cake!!" Everything was fine & dandy til the Mom woke up and wasn't pleased with his food selection! HA HA HA Sound familiar to anyone? Yah that would be ME.

Well, back to what made me think of this...we went to the store last night and bought a box of donuts from the bakery (half off because it was late)! But it was too late for the kids to have one as a treat. SO, Ben said the kids could have one for breakfast! You should have heard them last night. "BUT we want one tonight!" "NOPE! Go to bed!" And being the nice parents that we are, we snuck a donut when they went to bed. tee hee :)

So, as soon as they woke up this morning - the only thing that really made them leap out of bed was knowing they were getting donuts for breakfast!! Chocolate frosted w/ sprinkles! (**We hardly ever let them have something like that for breakfast, so they are majorly excited when it's a fun treat like that!)

DAD is GREAT...he gives us CHOCOLATE donuts!!!


Crazymamaof6 said...

that is too funny!

Sharon said...

Love, it! I have the same rationalization,it's flour, eggs, milk its GOOD for you!

Ben said...

I can have a donut late at night because I won't wet the bed.

Holly said...

We've done a similar thing for breakfast before but it's been chocolate cake or brownies! I love Bill Cosby Himself. Hysterical!

Allison said...

Ben- glad you are BIG boy!!

Also am glad you are much better parents than me. I love letting my children have doughnuts for breakfast. Especially since I hardly ever got them when I was a kid. Glad you are much better feeding your children nutrious meals.

Jenny said...

That would be a HUGE treat around here too. My kids would be jumping off the wall!