Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm Cold...

The temp finally dropped a little this week and it's been raining the last couple days too. We finally turned on the heat last night and my parents let us borrow a little room heater for our room. {Thanks Mom & Dad, it actually helps a LOT in our freezing room} But our house is still kinda chilly. I contemplated putting on extra layers today. LOL

I forgot to go to the store last night, so I got to do what I LOVE most...go to the grocery store for bread & peanut butter while the kids got ready for school this morning! Fun Fun!! NOT! I must've still had my sleepy face on when I got to the checkout because the lady in front of me was unloading her FULL cart (who has that many groceries at 7:30am?) and let me go in front of her. Ahhh she was so nice! Esp since I had to hurry home to fix lunches & get the kids out the door. What a great way to start the day!

We've been guzzling hot cocoa. Now the kids want it with EVERY meal. hahaha The kids keep begging to use the fireplace. Ben already made 2 fires in the last week, which they LOVE!

Felicia was sad when I decided to NOT pick them up after school today. It wasn't raining and they had their bikes. I could've gotten them, but figured I'd be super Mom on the days it's actually raining. So, the kids rode thru big puddles and came home soaked anyway.

They all changed their clothes and went with Ben to his Mom's house. He's trying to help fix her computer. So, I have the house all to myself for a little while. YAY!!!

Ashley received a happy note from her Reading teacher telling her that she's been doing such a great job & it had a tootsie pop attached to it. Ashley already ate it. She's FAST when it comes to treats! And she found out that since she's been doing SO GOOD that she's moving up to the highest reading group in January! WOOHOOOO!!! Way to go, Ashley!!!

Felicia was an alternate in her class for the spelling bee today. Her friend has been sick, so Felicia studied in case she would be in it. She had mixed feelings last night. She was excited about maybe being in the spelling bee, but she also didn't want her friend to be sick and miss out. Well, her friend showed up & Felicia got to watch. Ben & I went to the school just in case she would be in it. Oh well, we're still super proud of her for trying out for it. Apparently, Nathaniel didn't want to be in it, so he didn't try out for it. I know he could've done it because he's good at spelling, but it's his choice. Saw Julie at school too & cheered for her son, Peyton. He did good until they threw out some interesting words to the kids in one round. Hope he's feeling better.

I received a jury summons about a month ago and just called to see if my group has to appear tomorrow. Ummm YEP! ALL the groups have to be there! Thank goodness Ben has tomorrow off work because I have to be there super early! {way before the kids even have to leave for school}

So, be glad when you're all cozy in your beds or houses while I'm out at stinkin' jury duty bright & early tomorrow! UGH!!! Maybe I'll luck out like my hubby and get to leave early. I won't get my hopes up because he probably got the only good luck we had left this year. LOL

The main thing that had me looking forward to today is....

Mamma Mia comes to DVD today!!!! I need to head over to Walmart and buy it. I LOVED this movie so much! Plus, we have practically all the songs memorized. When I say we, I mean me and the kids {plus Ben knows a few from being subjected to the soundtrack constantly in the car - tee hee}! YAY!!!!!!

Have you seen this movie?
Are you going to buy it?
Have you had to appear for Jury duty?
Have you ever served on a Jury?


Crazymamaof6 said...

i'm fricking cold too. we haven't turned the heat on yet though.

fun to see you today.

jury duty was rad. good luck! take a book and i was surprised at the magazine selection there.

i need to get mama mia too. lance hasn't seen the movie yet.
maybe i'll go after the kids are in bed.

we've been having cocoa too.

i picked mine up today. they were surprised to see me.

Wendy said...

And what is the temp there? 50? 60? Try -20 and then we'll talk.

I love random acts of kindness (grocery store). Those are so much better than random acts of jerkiness which seem much more common in stores around the holidays.