Monday, December 8, 2008

I want my...I want my M-T-V

Remember that song? I LOVE that song! hahaha

Well, I want my INTERNET!!! I feel like I've lost a limb. (or as Ben would call internet IV has been yanked) I feel like I'm out of the loop. Can't log on. Can't go to facebook or blogs or even my dang email!!! I was on the phone with COX last week for 45 minutes trying to figure out the problem. I'm blaming our lame router! Why the router? Well because I'm hijacking Ben's computer right now and for some reason HIS internet is working! It's on the same router, but it must like his cable connection BETTER!

I've also been sick with a cold turned sinus-cold! YUCK!! I've been downing tons of over-the-counter sinus meds, which are finally starting to help & using TONS of kleenex. (sorry I know that's not the kind of info you want to hear). I think. I hope I continue to get better because I hate doing the whole doctor & antibiotics thing.

Oh and poor Ben got another back muscle spasm yesterday right before church. Ok so we were already running late, so this just made us (well me and the kids since Ben obviously couldn't go) WAY LATE! He's starting to feel a little better. Poor guy, I really know how much that hurts!

We have been planning & cancelling our family pictures over the last month. Ok so we're doing them ourselves so it's not really 'cancelling' with anyone but us. We've been putting it off each week, so even though Ben's back was hurting & I was feeling icky, we managed to do some family pics yesterday. Ben has always disliked doing the pics because the kids never stand/sit where they're supposed to or look at the camera when they're supposed to all at the same time, so it is usually pretty frustrating. Last year we took our pics at the Temple and that was a stretch to drive a whole 10 minutes away from our house. LOL

So, you can imagine my shock and amazement when Ben actually wanted to drive out near Four Peaks (which was like almost 30 minutes away) just for *cool* outdoorsy pictures! He helped pick out a really cool spot & I think he actually had FUN! It was very overcast and getting late (which matters because I only have a little flash on my camera). We got some cute shots but I was a little disappointed in the clarity. Oh well. I guess that's what we get for putting it off so long. I'm just happy we finally got it done!

When I get a few moments to edit some of the photos, maybe I'll post a few on here. And don't laugh because in some of them, my smile looks a little weird because I had to do some interesting boulder hurdling in high heels to jump into the picture within the 10-second self timer. LOL

Gotta go, my sweet hubby read some of this over my shoulder & is now testing out the router & my internet connection.

So, please don't think I have forgotten about my awesome friends & family. I will catch up on your blogs later & will definitely comment to let you know I'm back online! Wish me luck!!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!!



charlie said...

Lots of Hugs..hope all is well soon..mwahhh

Crazymamaof6 said...

good luck with your internet. i'd die without it. i know how you feel.

can't wait to see your family pics. they sound rad.

and bummer you are sick still. i've got that too. and hating it.

tammy said...

I HATE that! No internet, being sick - all of it.

Tanja said...

That's funny that you say that, because Ryan calls the computer and the internet my i.v. also! I hate being without either and I hope they get fixed for you asap.

Get to feeling better and yeah for family pictures, ours are tonight so wish me sanity. ;)

lacall said...

We've had those dumb old router problems too - - it's awful when you are so accustomed to using your computer and your internet any time you want to and then suddenly "you're off-line" and just about "shaking" from the shock! Hope Ben gets ya all straightened out real soon AND that ya get to feeling better too!!

Love ya!!

scrappingdragon said...

wow i love your new kit !!!!!! it is perfect for my sons outdoor pics

thanx alot .... keep up the good work :-)