Friday, December 19, 2008

School Parties

Nathaniel, Felicia & Ashley are so EXCITED about their class parties today! They're all having pizza parties and Ashley's class is making gingerbread houses. She said she dreamt about gingerbread houses ALL night! LOL They were also singing the 12 Days of Christmas all morning! I kept hearing...

5 Goooooollllldennnnn RINGS
...and a PARTRIDGE in a Pear TREEEEEEE!!!!

They were cracking me up! And ONLY in ARIZONA could they dress like THAT the week before Christmas! HAHAHAHAHA

But this is what Anson was doing when we got home from taking the kids to school....

He was COLD and ran into my room and hovered over the little room heater.

Ok gotta go get dressed. My Mom is taking Anson for a little while, so I can wrap presents before the kids get home from school. They are having a half-day today! So I only have a couple hours to get as much done as possible! Wish me luck!

Oh and Thanks Mom for helping out! I REALLY appreciate it!!!

Have a great day & weekend!!

Are you ready for Christmas?


onehm said...

I am NOT READY!! :)
But I am LOVING that your kids are in flip poor kids would love that, but their mom is old school! LOL!!

Tanja said...

How fun , that's the same two songs Jake keeps singing around here too! I love it...

I hope you get all you need to done, enjoy the weekend!!