Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday BEN!!!

TODAY is my sweet hubby's 34th BIRTHDAY!!!
He is my BEST FRIEND!!
The kids absolutely ADORE & LOVE him!
Why not? He does great things like take these little guys to Father/Son campout {and brings them home in one piece - a little dirty but safe}!
He's does funny things like slide this BIG HUGE PEOPLE-EATING BUG under the door while I'm going to the bathroom! HAHAHAHA
He waits in LONG lines at ComiCon and brings home tons of gifts for the kids!
Transformers for the BOYS!
You couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces!☺
See these exclusive fabulous super-hero My Little Ponies!
The girls were thrilled!
See MY COOL stuff???
{Ummm anyone jealous of my Twilight cards? tee hee}
He does COOL DAD stuff like play with the kids in the pool!
He's super handy!
He put the training wheels on Nathaniel's old bike, so Anson could learn to ride a big boy bike!
Please tell me...who's husband would work countless hours cleaning & organizing your stuff while YOU were away on vacation for a week visiting one of your bestest friends?
MINE did!!!
Look what he did! Ok, you may not think this is a BIG deal, but it is.
This is OUR room and it did NOT look like this when I left!
There was craft clutter and clothes that needed to be put away in places that they shouldn't have been!

Look at that fantastic shoe rack! I didn't have that before!
He also bought these containers & ORGANIZED my craft stuff!
Yep, there's more of my stuff organized on the shelf in the closet!
Honey, you are the BESTEST HUSBAND!!!
Check out THIS POST to see more about Ben!
Please go wish him a Happy Birthday on his blog too! I know he would LOVE it!!
My Mom is offering us FREE babysitting this morning, so Ben & I can go on a Day Date to see the new James Bond movie and go to lunch! Thanks Mom, you ROCK!!


Dinphy said...

Aw.... Getting a bit jealous here! ;)
Your organized stuff and room looks AWESOME! What a wonderful coming-home-present! And I wouldn't think it's not a big deal... it's SO thoughtful and sweet!

Have a great date!

Crazymamaof6 said...

Happy Birthday Ben! I'm seriously jealous that he clean and organized for you! FABULOUS!

hope you guys have an awesome DATE!

lindsey said...

happy birthday to your guy!! what a fabulous husband! i am so jealous of the cleaning and organizing while you were gone.

So~Inkin~Cute said...

I am sooo jealous! Your husband is the kind of husband WE ALL NEED! Well, at least I need one like him! Now I know there are great husbands all over the world... but, I am wondering: does your hubby have a brother???? Hmmmm??

LOL! Omg! He is sooo adorable and sweet. I am off to wish him the happiest birthday ever.

I just found your blog today from the kit you posted for the DSO color challenge and I am so glad I came by. Your post gave me hope that there IS a good, kind-hearted man out there for me. I am a 35-year-old divorced girl who is very sweet, kind, cool and funny...but still waiting for her soul mate!!

Hugs to you!


Andy said...

Organization is a sign of Godliness.

charlie said...

Aw what a gorgeous Hubby you have doing all those sweet things..Hope he has a wonderful birthday!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN! i'll go wish him Happy Birthday on his blog, too!

Ben Dickinson said...

Thank you for the Awesome Birthday post. Thanks to all who made such nice comments, you all really made me feel good.