Saturday, December 20, 2008

Letter, Gifts, Cards

I just received the sweetest letter in the mail today from FELICIA! They must have typed these in computer class and her teacher mailed them. She even got the mail from the mailman today and brought it straight to me with a grin on her face.

Here's what it said:

December 8, 2008

Dear Mom & Dad,

I'm writing to you because it's a special holiday season, and I know how much important Christmas is to you. I love celebrating holidays like Christmas; it's like one of my favorite holidays.

I'm looking forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas. On Christmas Eve our family comes over. First we eat a scrumptious meal. After that we open some presents and play. On Christmas we open presents and check out our new cool stuff! We also go to our grandma and grandpas' for lunch. That's what I like about Christmas, and Christmas Eve.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas. I hope your back is feeling better Dad. I love you both. I hope you don't feel horrible Mom.

Thank you for being the best parents I've ever had. I appreciate you more than anyone else had appreciated someone. Thanks for helping me every time I needed help.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ☺

Your friend,

Ahhhh my heart just melted when I read it. She's SO CUTE!

Felicia, I LOVE YOU TOO!!! You're an AMAZING daughter and I'm glad you are ours!

On another note, I got ALL the presents wrapped yesterday {except for the cousin gifts that they exchange on Christmas Eve - I wanted the kids to help wrap the gifts they are giving}! WOOHOOO!! That is a FIRST for me. We are always wrapping Christmas Eve. I even put the gifts under the tree and gave the kids a strict warning that if ANY presents are TOUCHED that they will ALL go back to the store. I told them that they could LOOK at them but NOT TOUCH. We have NEVER put the presents under the tree until the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve. So far they are doing GREAT!!! They were excited to see them and look around to see which ones had their names on them. Nathaniel was asking for hints on certain gifts. I told him - NOPE! It's driving him crazy! tee hee :)

Now that the gifts are done, I have a strange feeling that I've never felt this time of year. Hmmm what could it be? Ummm let me guess...NO STRESS {about the presents anyway}! WOW so that's what that feels like! hahahaha

Now I just to get going on some baking. The kids wanted to help, so we may do some today and more tomorrow & Monday. YAY!!! Oh and if I could just get the kids to keep their stuff picked up, then we will have a HAPPY week!

I got my Christmas cards done last week, I just don't have any envelopes, so I need to get some. Then I can mail them out. So you will be getting your cards a little late from me. Sorry.

I LOVE you all & hope you have a Wonderful Christmas!!!


Jen said...

OK that letter is adorable!!! What a cute girl!!

I am feeling the same way with the presents. Jeff convinced me to start wrapping them a couple weeks ago and put everything from us under the tree. I was amazed that the kids have left them alone and it is sooo nice to have it all done! AND once Christmas Eve celebrating is done I can go to bed instead of staying up for another couple of hours!

snowflake said...

That letter is so cute! I love the scrumptious meal. I bet it will be! She looks so grown up in that picture, and the shorts with the Christmas tree is a good one. HAHA

Shanners said...

How thoughtful of Felicia's teacher to mail letters to parents. Her letter was so cute! Having presents ready early is so great, isn't it? I usually finish early, too. Running a little late this year - just finished today. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

abhall76 said...

That letter is just wonderful!

I also got my wrapping done (for everything but my couple of handmade gifts I am finishing up tomorrow) the last weekend of November and man was that nice. I think it is going to be a new "tradition" in my house! LoL

fl_connie said...

Thanks so much for the sample of this great kit! Merry, merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet, sweet letter!

Crazymamaof6 said...

sweet letter! i got one from Peyton today. then he was embarassed about it, so he started to shred it. so he re typed it for me. HOLY COW!
cute Felicia!