Monday, May 19, 2008

What the heck is F-11?

I'll tell you...and NO it's not the shortcut key on your keyboard.

It means that my 3 year old Whirlpool frontloader washing machine is malfunctioning! Apparently there are 3 control boards and my MAIN control board was on the fritz! Yep, very expensive to repair. My washer was going out - well I kept getting a weird beep and "F-11" would flash on the panel during the cycles. My washer would stop and I'd have to try to cancel the cycle and restart it or try to finish where it left off. After a couple days it just got worse. So, we had to stop doing laundry and finally called for repair/service. The guy showed up last week, Tuesday, around 6:15pm (of course my schedule time was somewhere between 8-5). Well, he took a look at it, tested a few things, and then let me know about the problem. Ok, so how do we fix it??? Well, he needed to come back Saturday with the part to fix it. WHAT?!!! He made a call to his boss and changed the time (turns out he's my neighbor - like across the street, and didn't want me to be upset with him) to Thursday evening. Ok, again what does EVENING mean to you? He had training all that day and stopped by on his way home - around 5:45pm. He installed the part in less than half an hour. Whew! But then I had to pay him. Yikes! It was a LOT!! But still less than buying a new one.

I'm glad it's finally fixed, but this is what I was doing ALL DAY Wednesday! How? I was taking loads to my wonderfully generous MOM's house and using her washer, then bringing the load home to dry. Luckily she lives so close, but it was very tiring doing that all day. {we had a mountain of dirty clothes, not to mention towels and girls sheets - Ashley wet the bed 2 days in a row! ugh!} Thank you Mom for letting me use your washer!!!

So, now you know...F-11...NOT GOOD! For those of you who have frontloaders, hope yours are working great! And if you're thinking of getting one - you might want to consider the extended warranty. We never get those! Maybe next time! Although, I have one friend who's had hers for over 6 years and never had one single problem. You just never know, huh?!!


Crazymamaof6 said...

bummer on that F-11- that sucks!
we have front loaders have had them for 6 years, and last year the washer crapped out. we got another hand me down one and never got our good machine fixed. it needs an unidentified part. CRAP! and so we've been sitting on it. RAD.

J9 said...

I have a Sears frontloader...elite something. We have the extended warranty and have had to use it a lot. New 'boot' in the front after it dumped all of it's water on the floor. Sadly, it leaked DOWNstairs into a finished basement. When we ripped out that half of the ceiling in my craft/crap lol room AGAIN, as we had replaced all of our copper pipes with Wirsbo, long story, sad, expensive....anyway, I said that's it, I'll just live with the extra height! Good news is we've had warranty. Bad news is that the product is so problem prone you NEED it. OK, I'm finished venting now, just reading your post made bad memories come to mind. Deep cleansing breath....I'm good now.....enjoying your blog. :o)