Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Pics

Hope your Mother's Day was Good! I had a wonderful day!
I finally uploaded the pictures from my camera (apparently, I hadn't uploaded for 2 weeks).
Here's what my SWEET kiddos got me - Sung perfume! I love this (well my absolute fave is Opium, but I just ran out of this - one of my top faves).
Here's the "gift with purchase" that came with it. An awesome pretty pink purse! I'm thinking "Summer Movie Fun" treat bag! tee hee :) I can fit my purse plus lots of goodies inside of it. LOL
Me & the kids
I love how this one turned out!
Awwww me & my honey
In the afternoon, we visited Ben's Mom to deliver her cards & present.
(Heather, Ben, Joy & their Mom)

Grandma & some of her adoring grandkids.
Ben cooked me a fabulous dinner - Grilled Chicken, Wild Rice & Broccoli. Mmmm! It was delicious!! Thank you bunches!!
After dinner, we walked to my parents' house (w/ the dogs) to deliver her cards & present.

Me & My MOM!! (She's the BESTEST)


Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Grandma and the grandkids, that's great.

You and your Mom look alot alike!!

Ondria said...

Okay that b&w pic of you hugging all your kids bring tears to my eyes. So sweet!

Janan said...

I love the pic of you getting a hug from your kids! It turned out beautiful for not being posed! I love those kind of pictures!! Yep, I am a slacker! I took ZERO pictures!! SLACKER ME!! I had fun subbing in you son's class!! He will have to be my spy and see how the teacher said I did!!!

tammy said...

Cute pics! I love the hug one, too. That is THE PERFECT movie treat bag.

Anonymous said...

you and your mom looks so much alike.