Friday, May 23, 2008


...for summer!!! (although yesterday & today don't feel like summer... we went from the 90's last weekend & jumped up to 110 this week, then down to 50's and raining yesterday! as Anson would say...What the Heck??? LOL)


I have been looking forward to the kids being done with school. I really like summer break with the kids! It's fun to all be together, plus I don't have to make anymore sack lunches, make sure they have their folders in their backpacks & their clothes laid out before they hop into bed! We tend to stay up a little later and sleep in! YAY!!

We're doing Summer Movie Fun for the first time. My kids are getting really excited about that! Plus I think we're going to take advantage of the free lunches at participating schools (for the month of June). That way the kids will feel like they get to 'eat out' during the week.

We will start our point system on Monday. Wanted to start today, but I want to just let everyone chill for a couple days. I also need to add a few items to my list and then print it out. Yesterday, I went to Teaching Tools (at Gilbert/Southern) & bought Summer Bridge Activity books for each of the kids. That way they can do one page (front & back) each day to help review what they learned this year and then some of it is a preview for next school year. (My VT - Tina - told me about these awesome books) I also got them each cool new pencils. They love that stuff! :)

If you want to see MORE ideas for Summer, check out Julie's blog.


Jen said...

We are starting on Monday too, although my kids wanted to start today. Thanks again for the idea and LOVE the idea of the activity books. Now I really need to get down to Teaching tools!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!
I hope you have a fabulous summer and I look forward to seeing more of your designs, too.