Monday, May 19, 2008

Last Week Randoms & Pics

Watched "P.S. I Love You" a few days ago with Heather. It was good, but very sad. I couldn't stop crying. I just kept thinking about how I would feel if Ben died. I would want to curl up & die too. When Ben asked me about the movie, I got choked up & teary-eyed again. Dang it! So, ok movie, but won't watch again.
Alrighty, Felicia lost another tooth! Umm, I think it was the Friday night before Mother's Day. She went to bed too late that night (the boys were gone, so we stayed up & had fun too), so she had to wait until Saturday night for the Tooth Fairy! She raked it in because it was one of her silver-crown teeth. Tooth Fairy brought her a whole dollar!! She also wrote a note & would you believe it - the Tooth Fairy wrote her back! What a sweet fairy!
I have a few Father/Son campout pics, well my Dad has the majority of them (since they're on his camera). I only took before & after ones. Anyway, here are a few new buddies in our house. Nathaniel caught these Fence Lizards while camping. Aren't they CUTE? I love lizards!! The one on the left is the female (it has a yellow throat) and the one standing is the male (it has a blue tummy, but you can't see it very well in this pic).
Here's Felicia holding the she-lizard.
Nathaniel playing with the boy lizard. He put it on his nose earlier & one of his hind toenails curled inside his nose. Said it was very tickly! ha ha
Here's Ben playing with Pepper. Sometimes Pepper wants to be a lap dog, so Ben will pick him up & let him rest on his lap. Aren't they cute together?
Awww Pepper loves Daddy! Time for kisses! LOL
Oh yah, Nathaniel & Felicia had their monumentous book report & project due last week. Whew! Glad that's finally over. They each finished their books in April, but had the hardest time focusing on their written reports. It ends up being down to the wire and lots of stress & not happy voices trying to get them done. Last quarter they each received 100% for their reports (written & oral). We were so proud of them!
Nathaniel did his "commercial" report & says he did good.
(I'm sure he got a good grade too, still waiting to see the grading sheet.)
Felicia did her biography on Amelia Earhart. Her teacher let us know when she was scheduled, so I could go see her. She did GREAT! And she came home with 100% AWESOME!!
Last but not least...had a super FUN time at bunko last week. I WON most bunkos {I had 4}!!! See my darling prize!! It's hanging on my wall in the hallway. I LOVE it. Thanks Jen!!

Yesterday morning, Anson woke up with what looked like ant bites, so I put some CamphoPhenique on the bites to soothe them. After church, he got undressed and it turns out to be HIVES!!! Nope, can't figure out why! He has them ALL over his body! But poor li'l guy! He's red, blotchy, swollen & super itchy!! Ben & my Dad gave him a Priesthood Blessing last night. And I've been giving him Benadryl and homeopathic remedies. All I know is that I had hives 3 times in my life, once as a toddler, once when I was 14 (day before a school dance) and then again a few years ago when I was living in TX. Each time I could NEVER figure out why! Went thru all my food, soaps, etc trying to see if I had something new that was causing the allergic reaction. But I always had them a few days up to a week. So, I totally know what Anson's going thru. Thank goodness he's not too fussy. He seems to be ok, just very itchy. But it comes & goes. He's been a real trooper!


Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome lizards! funny pic of your lap dog. and whoohoo for book reports being over!

tammy said...

Bunko was a blast! You did win a cute prize. I hardly ever win most bunkos.

Fun pics and tales - except for the hives. Those are no fun!

molly said...

Okay so, that was the first movie my mom and I went to see after my dad passed away. (we had no idea what it was about, obviously). Worst mistake ever. I felt so horrible, still can't believe it.

Love the other stuff, cute pics!

Sharon said...

I watched PS I love you on the plane home from Australia. I cried and cried too, which is not easy to do hiding in the blankets so the whole plane doesn't wonder what's wrong! AND I get hives too. It seems every few years I'll break out and have them for a couple of weeks. I've never been able to figure out what brings them on. The only thing that helps is taking Benedryl, but I can't be that groggy all the time, I just have to deal!

Anonymous said...

Great pics-Your lap dog is a cutie. Love the picture from Bunko, that's very nice.

Hives, that's no fun-hopefully, he gets over the sooner than later!

Jen said...

Glad you like your prize!! Great pics, but the lizard on his face, *shutter* although my son thought it was cool. Hope Anson feels better soon, no fun for anyone!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so cute! The ones of your dog "Pepper" on Ben's lap are so cute! :)

Cara said...

my girls catch lizzards keep them for a day then take a sharpie and write a letter on the lizzards tummy so if they ever catch it again they will know! Haha!