Friday, May 9, 2008

Random Ramblings

Ok, first off - I didn't win the fabulous giveaway that Julie was having. Oh well, I guess I can't win everything. ha ha. Congrats to the gals who did win!

Oh my, can't believe it's been a week since I last posted (for real).

Last weekend was Trevor's (my nephew) Birthday. We went to see IRON MAN on Saturday!!! Which totally ROCKED!!! (if you happen to go see it, make sure you wait for ALL the credits to roll because there's one more short scene at the end) Then went to the park for his bday party! We cooked hot dogs, ate cake, played, and got to see a duck with 6 baby ducklings. SO CUTE!!! Ashley insisted I take pictures. Those will come later. This post will not include any pics, maybe tomorrow.

Sunday began with early church. Later we went to Ben's Mom's house so Ben could give her a priesthood blessing. Monday she had to go have a heart catheter to check one of her heart's arteries. If that wasn't going well, then she would need open heart surgery for another bypass (she had one 13 yrs ago). Turns out she had a clogged artery, so they inserted a stent. So far this week she seems to be doing ok. Whew!!! Hopefully this will continue to help her.

Tuesday, the kids had their ice cream social - which translates to the student council selling popsicles & ice cream bars after school. So, being the super nice mom that I am, I took all the kids plus my nephew (that's 5 total) and bought them all ice cream bars. They were in heaven!

Wednesday, Nathaniel woke up with a fever of 101.2. Poor guy, so he stayed home that day. He got a little hotter in the evening and was up to 102 by Thursday morning. So he was home for 2 days, then it finally dropped down to 99 Thursday afternoon. YAY!!

Oh, Wednesday after school, Ashley had the funniest meltdown. I know funny & meltdown don't really go in the same sentence, but it was so crazy that it was hilarious!! When I got home from picking up Trevor, Felicia & Ashley were next door on their bikes just sitting in front of their mailbox. I told them to come home. Felicia came home, but Ashley started screaming for her to come back. Ben came out & told Felicia to come back. Ashley kept screaming, "I WANT FELICIA!! I WANT FELICIA!!! AT THE MAILBOX!!" Totally ridiculous & I didn't know what was going on. Ben was trying to talk to Felicia & Ashley, but she still kept screaming "I WANT FELICIA!!!" (fyi - Ashley likes to be the line leader of the pack, so I thought maybe Felicia had passed her up) Nope, Ashley wanted Felicia to go back to school with her and then come back home. (another fyi - Ashley has some OCD tendencies) She wanted to do the ride home over again. Suddenly, she turned her bike around and started to pedal away. Of course, while screaming "I WANT FELICIA!!!" I thought she was going to try to go back to the school by herself. Felicia was giggling and walking back to the house. Then all of a sudden, Ashley turned her bike around and started peddaling as fast as she could (red face, sweaty stringy hair) and still shouting "I WANT FELICIA!!!" Ben had to yell "FELICIA get out of the way!!!" Ben & I were giggling the whole time. We thought Ashley was going to run her over. ha ha. She rode down the sidewalk right passed her (as Felicia hopped out of the way) and up the driveway to the carport to park her bike. Then she hopped off the bike and ran into the house to her room & slammed her door shut. We couldn't stop laughing, she was just so ridiculous that it was flippin' hilarious!

Ben went in to talk to Ashley to see what had happened. She said that she wanted to talk to Felicia. So Felicia came in her room to talk. Ashley stretched out her legs and used them to grab Felicia's legs pulling her closer. She did it again trying to bring her closer. Then she said "Closer." Ashley grabbed Felicia's head and brought her ear close to her and said "I HATE YOU!"
{ok that was really bad, but when Ben told me about it & showed me what she was doing, I busted out laughing!}

Later she calmed down & apologized to us for her horrible 'brat fit.' (that's what I call it) I asked her if she really meant what she told Felicia. She said "yes." I said "You hate her?" She said "NO, I told her I was sorry." Then she broke down crying because she knew her behavior was awful. I told her that she can't behave that way, it's unacceptable.

Ok, on to Thursday, Ben went to work, Nathaniel & Anson were home. I also babysat for Alicia's little boy Tate. He is such a CUTIE!! Anson was asleep when he arrived, then woke up when Tate had gone into his room. He came running out all excited and said "Mommy, my friend is here?!" He played with him and kept telling me "Mom, this little guy...." It was so funny!! So, Alicia if you're reading this, I will watch him anytime!! He was great!! He loved playing with our dogs. He would pet them and say "woof!"

We also had pack mtg that night. Loads of fun! We made hot dog sticks. We had a wooden dowel & a long welding rod - put them together and it's perfect for cooking a hot dog & marshmallows over a fire! That's what we had too. Yummy on the marshmallows, but icky on the hot dogs. I don't like them. But everyone else had hot dogs & loved them. The kids had a blast!

Also, Nathaniel has finished everything he needs to receive his Bear award in cub scouts!! He'll probably get that at the next pack mtg in June. WOOHOO!! Plus one gold arrow! YAY!! His birthday is next month so he'll be a Webelo! He's really excited!

This is also Father/Son campout weekend. It is the FIRST for Ben and the boys! He took Nathaniel & Anson (and my Dad). And they're going fishing in the stream tomorrow!

Today was also the "Egg Nest Drop" for Nathaniel & Felicia at school. Ben helped them make theirs and both of their eggs survived!! It was fun seeing friends there because it was the whole 3rd grade. It also took a while. So many interesting "nests." Also, most of the kids' eggs survived. Only a few actually broke. Genius parents, I say. LOL :)

When the boys left this morning (we took Nathaniel out of school shortly after the egg drop), my Mom and I went to lunch - at Subway. Then shopping at Bath & Body Works! Antibacterial soaps only 5 for $10. WOW!! I got a few. To stockup. Everyone needs soap, right?

Then we walked around a bit at Domestic Bliss aka
Blissful Living. They're having sign-ups for some great classes right now! And tomorrow too! Go check it out! Cami's teaching a couple classes too. SUPER CUTE STUFF!!

We also took the kids to their school's Book Fair and got them a few good books to read over the summer. Then being the awesome Mom & Grandma, we took the kids to Circle K to get $1 icees.

I'm getting pizza & root beer for the rest of us at home! I also made S'mores (using Golden Grahams cereal). And we're going to watch a couple movies!!

Ok, this was incredibly long, mostly just for me to document my week. And if you got thru ALL OF THIS - you are a true friend. just kidding. You must just be incredibly bored. ha ha

Hope you had a wonderful week & fabulous weekend!!!!


Crazymamaof6 said...

true friend for sure. fabulous day! and thanks for the heads up on soap i need some big time!~WHOOHOO! way fun to hang at the next drop. and rad nests for your kids too.
oh my gosh that fit was too funny. poor ashley.

Allison said...

Okay, I couldn't help but to giggle at the Ashley scenerio too. Probably because I HAVE been there and still go through it with my own sweet dear daughter. And sometimes it is just best to laugh.

You seemed to have had a great, busy week. Glad to see that you survived all your adventures.

Also thanks for being a great friend and telling me the great news at bed and bath. I am out in my bathroom.

tammy said...

Busy week! I'm laughing at the meltdown. Probably a good thing I don't have any girls. Can't wait to see you at bunko!