Wednesday, January 14, 2009

School & Decorations

Parent/Teacher Conferences were AWESOME! My kids LOVE their teachers & so do I. The kids are doing EXCELLENT in school and their teachers all had WONDERFUL things to say about them! YAY!!!

Now I need to pick up a Kindergarten registration packet for Anson. He will go to school next year. Oh my gosh! My youngest will be in school!!! My sweet little helper & partner in crime will be gone all day. :( But he is thrilled about going to school, just like all my other kids were happy to begin school too.

I signed up to do Art Masterpiece for Felicia & Nathaniel's classes this year. It's my first time doing it, but I am excited but also a little nervous. Another parent in Felicia's class will be my partner, so we'll trade off each time. Tomorrow is my first day (it's only once every 2 weeks) for both classes. I need to get ready for that. {fyi-Art Masterpiece is a program at school where we go in for about 15-20 minutes and discuss assigned art prints. It's a great way for the kids to see different works of art and learn how to appreciate it.}

Just so you's official...Christmas is OVER. We finally took our tree & decorations down, packed them up & threw them up into the attic until next year. We didn't actually throw them. hahaha Ashley & Felicia kindly snuck up into the attic, so they could be our helpers. Then while Ben & I were organizing all the boxes in the attic, the girls were making plans on how COOL it would be to have the attic be their bedroom! HAHAHAHA We reminded them it gets COLD in the winter and scorching HOT in the summer. They still thought it would be fun to have their beds up there and all the attic stuff pushed to one side. Oh my gosh, they were cracking us up!


Judgirl said...

nice that you have kids that like or even love school . so many teachers kill that interest in learning ..they are just there for the pay check. Just wanted to let you know I posted an award for you on my blog . Thanks for the neat challenges you put up on DSO

Shauna said...

We still need to take down our Christmas lights outside! I am now a follower to your blog, I l♥ve it :) ♥ Hugs!

Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome! yeehaw on the conference success!
way to go on taking down christmas.

and funny attic talk.

whoohoo on kindergarten registration. i picked up my packet today! WHOOHOO!

Shanners said...

Congrats on getting Christmas put away. Ours is packed up, but not in the attic yet. :(