Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kindergarten, FREE with Purchase & SALE

Not too much going on lately, but somehow I'm staying busy. It's probably the {extended} family drama. It's annoying & takes so much out of me!

On a good note - we got Anson registered for Kindergarten this week. He is so EXCITED!!! We opted for the all day class but due to huge budget cuts coming up (decisions haven't been finalized yet) we may not know until school starts if he will be all day or half day. All my kids have done all day class, so we really wanted him to be able to do that too. Plus if all the other kids ride together in the morning, why not ride together coming home. {they ride their bikes} Whatever happens, he will be thrilled. I'm a little sad to have my baby going to school soon. He's not in preschool and I've really enjoyed having our special time together! He's my little partner in crime! tee hee :)

Kids just need to STOP growing up! LOL

This morning while the kids were getting ready for school, Felicia was having issues on what to wear. Usually they get their clothes ready the night before, but for some reason, she said she didn't have ANY pants to wear. What? I just gave the girls a stack of clean jeans on Saturday! She said most of hers were capris and didn't want to wear the other 2. {we were having this discussion while I was still in bed this morning} Nathaniel told her to wear her blue pants because {the boy she likes} will be attracted to her! HAHAHA Ok, I think he's a little young to be giving advice like that! But her blue pants are CUTE! I told her we don't get dressed just for a boy! {she doesn't need to worry about that for a while} She decided on the blue pants and she looked great! YAY crisis over! LOL Really she looks FABULOUS no matter what she wears!

Today Anson gets his staples out!!! WOOHOOO!! Hope it doesn't hurt him. He won't let anyone touch his *owie head* {his words}. It looks a lot better. I think it's a thick scab. Hopefully it's healing properly and will be all better soon!

I have been having MAJOR allergies lately! Anyone else having the same problem? I wake up with puffy, burning, watery eyes and sneezing! UGH! I've been taking my Allegra-D but it's taking longer than usual to *kick in*! Most of the time I only need to take my morning dose, but now I think I need the evening dose too.

Guess my allergies don't even compare to all the people without electricity in the states with the BIG ice storms! Not only is it FREEZING outside, but they don't have any power or heat inside! Brrrrr. Hope they can all be safe & warm!!!

We've been having some chilly evenings & mornings, but we also had some really gorgeous days recently. So, with thoughts of warmer weather....

I made this Add-on to my kit PLAY. Want to know how you can get it FREE? Keep reading...

This addon is FREE with purchase of the kit PLAY during Jan 25th - Jan 31st. To get this addon FREE, simply purchase the full Kit PLAY between Jan 25th - Jan 31st. Send me a copy of your invoice {my email address is listed in the TOU inside the kit}. Once I receive your invoice, I'll send you a COUPON to grab this addon FREE.

And these kits are still on SALE - My Girl collection & PLAY
These are also the kits being used in The Great Exchange Challenge at DSO {DigiScrapObsession}. Make a mini-brag (wallet/trading card 2.5x3.5 inches) size QP using PLAY or MY GIRL kits, and you get a copy of all the QPs that get made in the challenge! Better hurry if you want to join, these challenges end on Saturday. Then February's challenges will be up.

Oooops Sorry! This post turned into a long one. If you're still reading this - You're crazy but THANKS!! tee hee :)

one more thing.....Ooooh I'm happy because my Sister and I are having lunch tomorrow! We haven't done that in months! Can't wait to see you sis :)


Shauna said...

Hope you have a great lunch! ♥ Hugs!

tammy said...

I hope they don't cut the all day. Not that I have a kindergartener, but it's so good for them.

Cute kit! Have fun at lunch! I wish I could go to lunch with my sister.

kristi said...

Hi, I found your blog thru Trying to Stay Calm. I am always on the lookout for new blogs to read, so I am now one of your followers! I have 2 main blogs...feel free to check them out!

Crazymamaof6 said...

we register Hope tomorrow!

awesome about no more staples.

and too funny that Nathaniel was giving fashion/hoe to attract boy advice!