Saturday, January 17, 2009

Art & Adventure

My FIRST Art Masterpiece presentation(s) went well! I was so nervous, but the kids were AWESOME! I feel more confident now that I've done it.

Here's the first portrait we talked about in Felicia's class:
Artist in Studio by Jan Vermeer

These are the ones we talked about in Nathaniel's class:
The Dance Class by Edgar Degas

Little Dancer by Edgar Degas
(bronze statue)

I was really surprised how many kids really liked the art and would actually hang it in their houses. The ones who didn't like them could still appreciate them. YAY!

On to Friday... Ashley & Anson were being really quiet & suspicious after school. As soon as I found them, Ashley explained to me that they were playing on the roof. Ummm WHAT??? Yep, she said the ROOF {of our house}!!! She said it was EASY because they just climbed the wrought iron gate, onto the block fence, hopped onto the aluminum tool shed, then climbed onto the roof (over the carport). She was EXCITED while she told me about their little adventure. I told her how dangerous it was, etc etc, and to NEVER EVER DO IT AGAIN!!!

Ok Mom.

Well, fast forward a couple hours. Felicia had just came home from playing at a friend's house {with her friend}. I was about to get some dinner started when I heard loud noises in the ceiling moving across the house. I knew right away what it was.

Went into the backyard and found Ashley & Anson RUNNING on the roof back & forth!!!

I immediately told them to get down {I also took a few pictures for proof & blackmail later}. As I was beginning to count {you know the drill...get down...1....2....don't make me get to 3}, Felicia climbed up the wall & was starting to climb onto the roof as I was also telling her NO! She was thrilled that it was so easy & she was also running around. See, here's my blackmail proof:

Oh yeah, they're having FUN {for now}.

Then the other little master of disaster was trying to copy them. Oh Grandma arrived and saved him from getting into trouble. He jumped down & ran to the front of the house to greet Grandma, who was also coming over to take Nathaniel to get some frozen yogurt from Ocean Blue.

I ran to the front of the yard and yelled {I'm pretty sure all my neighbors heard me at this point} at them to GET DOWN and they were ALL GROUNDED!

I also made them promise to NEVER do it again! I also explained ALL the dangers of *playing* up there! They got to hear it all over again when Ben got home.

Our little adventure doesn't end there. Will be back in a little while to explain.


Janan said...

I played on the roof as a kid . . . I think every kid does at some point. However, my the last two houses my parents had, I would have never even thought of it! But, our first house had a roof like yours!! I think it is a right of passage!!

Very dangerous - - but right of passage . . . you need to get some of those bird nails the temple has to put around the roof, that would keep those kids off.

Crazymamaof6 said...

rad art masterpiece went well! cool art!
and HOLY CRAP! the roof thing. i know how it ended. and that SUCKS! sorry that happened. NOT FUN!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

I remember the time I caught my sons playing on the roof. I too gave them the drill about never doing that again, and how someone will end up hurt. And yes they did, my youngest, fell and broke his arm. Seems like every time I said don't do that, someone's going to get hurt, they always did. Now they are repeating the same things over with their own children.

snowflake said...

Ok that story is FUNNY! I can just picture you on the ground yelling 123 and taking pictures at the same time. I have to post my kids doing the same thing, the difference is that their friends are with them and so am I. HAHA We play on our roof, but only around the holidays! Thanks for the laugh.