Monday, January 12, 2009

Gym, Conference & Project 365

Went to the gym today! YAY ME!!! Didn't go all December and probably most of November. I can totally tell. UGH! Must work off holiday treats that are stuck to my hips & waist, plus more. Even though I was tired and wanted to go home right after we got there, I feel better knowing I got something done that's good for me.

Parent-Teacher conferences today. I actually enjoy going to these. The kids are doing GREAT and I LOVE hearing wonderful things from the teachers, plus seeing what projects the kids are working on.

Speaking of projects...I finally have my album put together for my Project 365. WOOHOOO!!! I signed up for Hobby Lobby's online newsletter & received a 40% off coupon {for ONE regular priced item - one coupon per customer per day - don't you just love those special rules?}. So, I printed several and told my Mom about it too. She printed more than me. LOL

We went to Hobby Lobby together Friday after the kids got home from school and again on Saturday to make an exchange plus get a few extras. We decided to take advantage of our fabulous coupons and regular priced items and get a good deal on them. We each went thru different cashiers, then switched and also sent Felicia thru the lines to get each of our items using our coupons. It took forever (as Hobby Lobby usually does) but it was WORTH it!

Look what I finally have completed (well organized so I can begin)!
It's my album for all my photos for my Project 365 that I'm doing this year. I even started printing my pictures & put them in my album! I'm so EXCITED!!!! You can see my photos HERE.

Well, gotta go. Kids getting out of school and have conferences soon!


JP said...

Hi Andrea,
I need to get in touch with your husband. I am Cami Wright's Brother. I want to see if he is available (and his storm trooper costume) for a birthday party on the 31st.
P.S. nice blog!

Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome! love working the deal. WHOOHOO!

way to go on hitting the gym!

how'd the conferences go? did you love em? mine went fine. i'm glad they are over. i still have one more tomorrow. DREAD.
anyway. glad you like going. yay!

Shanners said...

I think I've been to the gym twice since Thanksgiving! So, you're not alone. :) I also LOVE Hobby Lobby! :) Those coupons are great.