Thursday, January 29, 2009

Staples, Art Masterpiece, Love Letters SALE

Anson got his staples out yesterday. YAY!!! He wasn't real happy when he saw we went to the same place. He said, "Oh this place again?!" He did such a good job! He was a little nervous when the doctor came in & wanted to touch his *owie head*. He started shaking & cried a little bit while getting the staples taken out. It looked like it hurt a bit. He said it hurt BIG, but he was fine once he was done. The nice nurse gave him a lollipop and 3 stickers! He felt special & glad to be leaving there! The doctor let us keep the staples & the removal tool. Anson loved showing the kids when they got home from school.

I just did my 2nd day of Art Masterpiece presentation today. It's getting easier, kind of. It's definitely FUN! Plus I get to see my munchkins for a few minutes at school.

Oh my goodness! January is flying by and Valentine's Day is almost here!

I have a new kit in my store at DigiScrapObsession (DSO).

A beautiful vintage Valentine's Day kit full of warm neutrals and deep reds perfect for those photos of your loved ones.

15 Papers and 1 Torn Paper
40 Elements {not all shown}
Also, you can get this Addon to the kit Play for $2 in the store.
You can get it FREE if you purchase the kit PLAY and send me your invoice via email {my email address is in the tou}. Then I will send you a COUPON to get the Addon FREE.
This offer ends midnight January 31st.

Play - SAVE 25% for a limited time

Ok, I'm off to meet my Mom & Sister for lunch! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!



What a brave little guy. Just the thought of those staples makes me cringe. Love the new kit:) I need to get back to scrappin. I have done next to nothing lately.

Crazymamaof6 said...

cute new kit!
and whoohoo for anson being Brave. cool he got to keep the staples and the tool!

Dinphy said...

Such a beautiful new kit! Love the colors! So perfect for anyone having vintage photo's too! (wish I had...)

What a brave boy you have. I don't know if I would have been that brave. Then again, if I was, I think I STILL wouldn't have gotten the lollipop or stickers... LOL

I've taken you up on your offer, and got me the PLAY kit! Love it, it's so fun and bright and ... hehe... playfull!